Why Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend Matters

Valentine’s Day is a big deal. If you are married or in a relationship, you need to come up with some exclusive gifts that can surprise your dear one.  So, do you buy him candy, flowers, jewelry?  What can you get for him? Novelty boxer shorts, a tie with hearts (which he won’t ever wear) […]

10 Cities with the Best Street Food in the World

If you belong to the group that loves to eat and try various cuisines on the streets when traveling, you must travel to these fantastic cities to enjoy the best street food! If you have an iron stomach and can eat spicy, fried, exotic, and rare dishes, then this list is made only for you. […]

Cakes! The Perfect Valentine Surprise That Cheers Up The Mood

We all know that Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February to honor the great Saint Valentine of the 3rd century AD. He sacrificed his life in the name of love and wanted to preach this among other mortals like us.  He fought against King Claudius II of Rome’s tyranny, who imposed a […]

Qingdao Cuisine: 7 Local Dishes You Must Try

Qingdao is a scenic port city located on southern coast of the Shandong Peninsula on the Yellow Sea. This place is known to the world as the home town of the internationally recognized ‘Tsingtao Beer.’ Produced in the Tsingtao Brewery, the second largest brewery in China, Tsingtao Beer is exported to over 70 countries worldwide. […]

MUNCH MUCH: 5 Reasons Why Mukbang Vlogs are Among the Most-Watched Videos Online

Food, food, food and more food! Who’s going to easily just say no?  If there’s one thing that connects all people from all ages, all races, all beliefs and all places, it has to be food!  As amazing as it really is, countless names of food are there, and bet you will not be able […]