7 Tempting And Yummy Christmas Dessert To Keep You Warm

7 Tempting And Yummy Christmas Dessert To Keep You Warm

Christmas means lots of fun and entertainment. Christmas always brings lots of celebration and happiness. Like it brings people together, for celebration. It brings gifts to us and fulfills our lots of wishes. But one more thing that comes with Christmas, and that is yummy food. But here I am talking about the only dessert. Because Christmas comes with lots of sweetness. Those people who do diet a whole year, they forget their diet rule. You know how, after seeing these mouth-watering desserts. I know, so many of you have started the making menu for the Christmas Eve dinner, and Christmas Day. And if you see the menu, it will be mostly desert. So why not add some dessert to your menu. As we all know, in most countries Christmas comes in chilled winter. So why not let’s make you feel warm with some yum. That’s why today I decided to tell you seven heavenly tastes but warm Christmas desserts. These desserts will make your Christmas sweet and make you feel warm from inside and outside. So now, let’s stop our talking and start searching for our delicious dessert. 

Plum cake 

I know, so many of you make it every year at Christmas with your merry christmas cake. But let me tell you all, plum cake not only tastes awesome but also, it will make you feel awesome. Because of the ingredient that is used to make it delicious. Lots of dry fruits, fresh fruit, and yes, rum or Brandy. When these things will be in it. So it’s obvious it will not only taste good but also it will make you warm. And yes, let me tell you if you don’t know that, that it is a traditional Christmas dessert. So order now, in case you can’t wait for Christmas and you can’t make it. Just take your mobile and order the plum cake from the best cake delivery in India. 

Gajar ka halwa 

This is every Indian first and most demandable dessert in winter. For Indians, their Christmas, New Year, and wedding in winter is incomplete without this super tasty and yummy dish. It will truly make you warm and feel heavenly after eating. Because it is made with the goodness of carrot, khoya, dry fruits, and milk. So it’s obvious that it will make you feel warm. 

Chocolate pudding

In case, you are missing your chocolate flavor this Christmas. You can consider this in your Christmas menu. It will make all of your mouth watery, and you will stop yourself from tasting it. You can consider it as your happy new year cake.  Because it is made with lots of chocolate cake crumble, dark rum, dry fruits, chocolate sauce, etc. Now, tell me if you will be able to keep yourself away from this delicious chocolate pudding. 

Sticky Toffee pudding 

There is another pudding on our list. But trust me, if you are looking for a dessert, which can be a showstopper in your Christmas dessert. This dessert and its taste will make it a show stopper. Because it has layers of yum, so no chance to doubt its taste. It has a velvety texture of custard, the sweetness of sticky toffee sauce, lightly caramelized sponge, a layer of whipping cream, and many more things. So it is a full packet of celebration. 

Molten chocolate cake with coffee and chicory

Those who are looking for eggless desserts at Christmas. Here is your wish come true. It is a mug cake but with the twist of chocolate lava. Now, you can imagine how warm you will feel after eating this. Yes, don’t forget how many times you and your guest will say thanks to me for this delicious dessert recipe. 

Raspberry and white chocolate pavlova stack 

This dessert recipe is the perfect combination of tart, raspberries, and last but not least fresh cream. This recipe will give you a crispy kick of tart freshness and sweetness of raspberry and cream. 

Moong Dal ka halwa 

The other but widely famous winter dessert. If you want to know its fan following, just go to the Indian wedding in winter. You will know how much people love to eat this dessert. It is a super hot and warm dessert. Because it is made with pure ghee and lots of dry fruits in it. 

So these are the 7 desserts that you should try this Christmas. It will make your Christmas not only sweet but also, make your body warm, and protect you from cold. These desserts are like two in one. You will enjoy a tempting dessert and you will keep your body warm.

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