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Welcome to “Soha Writes”

• Ac / Dc Inverter
• Solar Panel
• Battery
• Complete System Only In 25000

  • Read all the details given here very carefully and if you don’t understand anything then contact our team “Soha Writes”

As you know, our team “Soha Writes” tries to tell you everything that can benefit you. And we are very happy because till date we have benefited many people.

But there are many people who are still on pending and we are contacting them time to time and providing them the benefit.

But today when our team did a planning which can benefit you a lot, today we will provide you some details of it.

As you all know that inflation has become so high due to which many people are in troubled.

And in this era of inflation, electricity is used more due to which the bill is very high and the person who cannot pay the bill gets very worried.

Our team noted all this and we saw a video on social media, after which we contacted them and tried to help you in this so that it can be easy for you.

Team “Soha Writes” saw a video on social media in which poor people will be given Ac + Solar Panel + Battrry only in 25000 so that they can run without electricity.

When we watched that video and understood all the details well, we found a way to make it easier for you and here today we will tell you the complete method with ease on how to get it.

• How can we buy this complete system and is there any guarantee ?

First of all, let us tell you how to contact for this. You have to contact the mail given in contact page and provide your details like where you live and what is your name.
After that, your name will be included in the list and you will be contacted soon,

And if we talk about its guarantee or warranty, then let us tell you that its warranty will be given to you for up to 6 months.

If you buy this complete system and if any issue arrives within 6 months then you have to bring the complete system back to us and we will give you another system.

You will not get a better opportunity like this anywhere and you also know that this is not possible anywhere. that you get a complete system anywhere in this budget.

Important Note!
If you do not get a quick reply from contact us page, then leave your details in the comments below also.

• Hope you will appreciate our efforts.

  • TEAM “Soha Writes”

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