Qingdao Cuisine: 7 Local Dishes You Must Try


Qingdao is a scenic port city located on southern coast of the Shandong Peninsula on the Yellow Sea. This place is known to the world as the home town of the internationally recognized ‘Tsingtao Beer.’ Produced in the Tsingtao Brewery, the second largest brewery in China, Tsingtao Beer is exported to over 70 countries worldwide. What this coastal city is also known for is its seafood. Qingdao cuisine is representative of Lu Cuisine of Shandong Province, which is among “8 famous cuisines of China.” So, include a food tour of this city in your itinerary and relish these local dishes of Qingdao. For the best online ticket-booking experience, book with iEagle.  

Jingjiu Pork ribs and rice:

One of the famous local dishes in Qingdao is Pork rib rice of Jingjiu restaurant. The restaurant is named after Wang Jingjiu, the manager of the restaurant chain, and its special Pork rib rice also gained recognition by the same name. The pork ribs are braised with a variety of vegetables like cabbages, beans, potatoes, kelp, etc. and are served with rice and pickles. It is carefully cooked so as to not disfigure the meat on the pork ribs.

Stewed Chicken with Laoshan Mushroom:

Stewed Chicken with Laoshan Mushroom, a stew prepared with a young rooster (less than one year) and Laoshan Mushroom in a soup stock, is a popular local dish in Qingdao. The tender chicken and smooth mushrooms along with the flavor-infused broth make for a perfect combination.

Sea Cucumbers and Minced Meat:

The sea cucumbers used for making this traditional dish of Qingdao region are fished in the waters of the Yellow Sea. The fresh sea cucumbers are cooked together with minced meat, and this much-loved local dish is very healthy and high in nutritional values. 

Chinese Mackerel Dumplings:

Dumplings are a traditional food of northern China and Mackerel is a part of the daily food in Qingdao. The best way to eat both is to make dumplings with the stuffing of mackerel, and this style is native to Qingdao.  These soft and moist dumplings paired with red rice vinegar are the commonly consumed local snacks here.

Seafood Noodles:

Marine products are majorly used in every local dish of Qingdao city. A mix of local ingredients such as shrimp, clams, kidney beans, pork strips, eggs, etc. are used in the recipe of seafood noodles. The distinguishable seafood flavor in this local favorite snack is liked by every fast-food lover. 

Sautéed Clams:

‘Tsingtao Beer and clams’ is the favorite food-and-drink culture of the locals. Known as gala in local slang, sautéed Clams is the most-popular Qingdao street food and can also be found on menu of every eatery in the city. This is a simple dish prepared by sautéing clams with red chilies or red/green pepper. A glass of fresh beer and a plate of sautéed clams are enough to make your evening great by the sea side. It’s no wonder that this local dish in Qingdao is as famous as Tsingtao beer.

Agar Jelly/ Qingdao Cool Vermicelli:

Also known as Qingdao Cold Agar Jelly Noodles, this is a summer-favorite dish of the locals. The transparent and gelatinous noodles (either in thick or thin strands) are served with a variety of sauces – spicy, sweet, sour, or salty. Order the ‘cool’ agar jelly noodles with any flavored sauce of your choice or try all of them if you are ravenous! We are sure the flavors won’t disappoint you!