10 Cities with the Best Street Food in the World

Street food

If you belong to the group that loves to eat and try various cuisines on the streets when traveling, you must travel to these fantastic cities to enjoy the best street food! If you have an iron stomach and can eat spicy, fried, exotic, and rare dishes, then this list is made only for you.

Cities with the Best Street Food

As the experts say, ‘To travel is to Live’ and live, one needs to enjoy everything that this beautiful planet stores, from its incredible corners to its most fascinating landscapes, from the most disparate culture to the most surprising traditions. And among them, the best gastronomy and authentic street food is the best way to discover and savor the city’s true nature. Various destinations include exotic cities with busy markets and mythical food stalls that are always surprisingly different and offer travelers numerous opportunities to enjoy the best street food options. 

1) Best Street Food of Marrakech

Snake chambers, leather vendors, pleasant terraces, and an incredible buzz of localities gather day and night in the stunning Jemaa-el-Fna Square. It is a must to visit if you plan to travel to Morocco. 

Every night, its streets are filled with mouth-watering aromas and flavors. There are numerous stalls and street stalls where you can taste some of the most traditional and typical delicacies of the country like b’stilla, a cake of puff pastry filled with pigeon or chicken meat almonds or fresh spices. More cuisines like chebakia, a Moroccan sesame cookie, couscous or pastilla, snail soups, and many more! 

2) Exotic dishes of Berlin

A city renowned for its beer has to have the best food to go along with them. And Berlin never disappoints by offering deliciously and surprisingly cheap options like their famous doner kebabs, currywurst, a curry made by ketchup and curry powder with sausages, pretzels fresh from the oven, and their World-renowned potato chips. Berlin will also offer food items and delicacies from China, India, and Turkey. With the coming amalgamation of different cultures, Berlin undoubtedly provides the best fusion street food mixing different cultures and serving it on a single platter.

3) Helsinki’s best Street Food Cuisines 

Helsinki, the city of 100 herrings, has a special place due to its fascinating culture and vibrant food options. From the year 1743, the Helsinki Baltic herring market has been the oldest tradition of Finland. It starts from the beginning of October and is witnessed that this city’s market square gets filled with fishing boats coming from all over the Finnish coast to sell thousands of kilos of fish. The locals and travelers visit the market to enjoy fresh produce and authentic street food. Hop on that flight and book your tickets using Southwest airlines reservations options for the best deals and travel experience throughout the trip. 

4) Food from the streets of Istanbul

Istanbul offers the best cuisines and street food options that accentuate mainly the Turkish cuisines. It is the amalgamation of food, culture, and heritage along the beautiful streets of Instanbul’s local market. Travelers may indulge in a feast of different taste options like traditional simit, which is a mixture of bagel and pretzel, kumpir, which is the most delicious kind of baked potato with various add-ons. Tourists and locals love their fish sandwiches, doner kebabs, and their versions of different dips and curries along with their famous pita bread.

5) Enjoy the Hustle-Bustle of Mumbai

Mumbai is known as a paradise for food lovers, especially for vegetarians. Depending on the preferred taste, spice tolerance, and sanitary standards, travelers and tourists can choose from various delicacies and drinks. Take a stroll on the clustered streets of Khau Galli and enjoy the cuisines like Pani puri, vada pav, barbecued goat marinated in yogurt, samosas, kebabs, and many other snack options. 

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6) Exclusive Street Food of Osaka, Japan

Osaka is one of the most visited destinations in Japan. It is known for its friendly culture and delicious street food. Travelers visit Osaka to experience the diverse Japanese culture that showcases their food in the amalgamation of modern and traditional culture. Areas like Dotonbori and Shinsekai give you the options to try their best scorpion skewers, quail eggs, fried octopus, and their renowned Okonomiyaki, similar to an egg omelet with cabbage and protein.

7) Indulge in the Street food of Ho Chi Minh

Every traveler has Vietnam in their itinerary at least once. With its bustling streets and friendly vendors, Ho Chi Minh city offers vibrant options of Vietnamese delicacies. Start your day with a warm bowl of Pho, filled with a variety of meats and vegetables to fill your tummy. Indulge in a Vietnamese sandwich called Banh xeo, which is a baguette filled with thinly sliced pork or beef meat. Try their sweet Vietnamese coffee and enjoy the city’s daily hustle and bustle. 

8) Madrid’s Emerging Street Delicacies

Expert travelers and food critics mention that Madrid is becoming one of the most innovative capitals in the fields of gastronomy. It holds a place called MadrEAT Market, a small space led by renowned chefs that create dishes representing different countries by offering to renovate traditional Spanish dishes and exotic dishes. Another place for travelers is the o Yatai market, which is a new street food market with various Asian dishes like ramen, Pad Thai, curries and rice, baos and dim sums, and many more!

9) The Best of Bangkok

Bangkok is another place famous for its rich culture and renowned delicacies. Be it any time of the day, and any travel can get a food item in their preferred budget. The dishes are tasty and yet affordable, and hence Bangkok is one of the most visited places among travelers worldwide. Bangkok offers beautiful beaches and shopping areas for travelers to indulge in the best vacation trips. 

10) London never Disappoints!

Since the past few years, as travelers have started visiting London to explore more of its culture, London has made its name for the variety of delicacies offered on the streets. The renowned Brockley Market is known for artisan products that offer local, sustainable and natural food items. Don’t forget to try the fish and chips from the various chippies that are scattered throughout the city.

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