What you should not wear high boots over the knee boots

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We have already seen that high women’s boots need the right combination with other wardrobe items. As you know, anything can both become a very stylish addition and “collect” the whole image, or destroy it. Let’s look at examples of what you should not combine with high boots, so as not to find yourself in an awkward situation.

High boots over the knee boots

Fatal length

The combination of boots and knee-length dresses is not the best solution, the image becomes ridiculous – it’s like wearing tights with sandals. In addition, this combination will visually make the legs shorter, not to mention the fact that the silhouette as a whole will look out of date.

  • Tight Dresses

High boots in themselves are an accent and do not tolerate additional aggressive elements in the image, so a tight-fitting dress with jackboots is a taboo (and especially in a set with a bright make-up, acrylic nails, a black leather jacket – all the attributes of a vulgar image).

Not by parameters

As mentioned earlier, over the knee boots are shoes for tall and slender girls, but if you do not have such parameters, and wearing boots is your dream, please choose high women’s boots with a full leg no lower than mid-thigh length. Otherwise, you risk looking ridiculous.

  • In a total leather bow

If you are just not going to motocross, then please do not combine leather boots with a leather jacket or jacket. This is overkill! You can only supplement the boots with a leather bag – it will be enough.

  • With nude pantyhose

Remember a very important rule: bodily tights are your first enemy if you put on boots! Otherwise, the image will turn out to be too inviting.

  • Deep neckline

The combination of a deep neckline with over the knee boots is too vulgar!

With lace

Lace tops and blouses are also “illegal” if you are wearing boots. These shoes are sexy enough already. The casual style in this case will be very appropriate and will provide you with the “right” attention, including the representatives of the opposite sex. It is worth complementing the boots with things made of wool and cashmere; knitted feminine models are also suitable.

  • With a fluffy hem

With a fluffy dress, you should not wear heeled boots. In this case, it is better to put on boots on a flat run.

With very short skirts

A miniskirt and over the knee boots are often a defiant combination. Sometimes high boots with shorts look very interesting, but the length of the skirt must be chosen very carefully. But only if it’s not a small faux leather peplum top, which is definitely prohibited.

In the style of “puss in boots”

If you’re attending a Bastille Day costume party, over the knee boots paired with a musketeer hat are a great option! In any other situation, you should not use such ambiguous accessories.

With animal coloring

Animal print and over the knee boots don’t have to go together. Never. Also, do not wear massive jewelry, they are incompatible with high boots.

With jeans

Over-the-knee jeans are not exactly taboo, but if you want to look modern, then a sweater dress, for example, will work much better! Yes, once they wore jeans under high boots, but those days are long gone.

In fact, it is not difficult to master the science of the correct combination of wardrobe items with high women’s boots, the photos in the article and tips will help you understand this very topical issue today.


These shoes are always popular, as high-quality high women’s boots (made in Italy, for example) are an excellent option for the cold season. And if you know how to choose them correctly and combine them correctly, they will become an incredibly stylish and irreplaceable part of your wardrobe!

High women’s boots-sneakers

For lovers of sports style, the designers have also provided an option – sports high women’s boots. Such models represent a compromise between the classic and the sporty direction: their high bootleg is sewn from dense fabric or leather, a lace-up closure, and a rubber sole. They are suitable for courageous girls who are not afraid of experimenting with style.

These models will look fashionable and relevant with jeans, leggings, long sleeves, Afghani trousers and casual dresses, including oversized ones.

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