Lights, Camera, Conversion: The Art of Video Commerce Success


Video commerce are considered to be the most reliable and effective way of showcasing your products and their benefits to your consumers. They provide as much information as possible about your products or services in an impactful manner. This helps in building the trust of customers and in return also leads to an increase in revenue. Customers who in general visit a retail website are more likely to become customers after watching a product video.

Video Commerce is important because it gives a name and allows customers to see a real brand and its functioning. If audiences start trusting you there are likely to be higher chances that they will become your permanent customers and will only purchase from you.

Brands incorporating video content in their business so that they can promote and sell their products or services online. It is becoming important for the retailers because it has the power to turn the experience into a transaction.

Benefits of Video Commerce

It has been observed that people get more inclined towards video content than written content. Also, people are more interested in clicking the video content than on something with no visuals or multimedia effect.

Video has the power to express an incredible amount of information with ease and quickly. Bringing out your product in the market via live streaming commerce will pass on authentic information to your customers about the appearance, benefits, application, etc of a product.

With the help of live commerce, you can also strike the emotional side of customers and make them understand how they should feel about a product. It has also been observed that people stay for a longer period of time on your website because it is easier to watch a video than read out a 1000 word long description.

The benefits of video commerce are that it gives the audience a reason to stay longer on the site, which leads to better sales conversion.

Even Google has understood the analytics of videos so even google suggests the video to the viewers on the search page.

According to a survey, 57% of customers have accepted that live streaming e-commerce has helped them to become more confident in terms of purchasing products online as they get a clear vision of products.

Customers have shown their love for video content as they are more entertaining and need less time and effort when compared to reading product descriptions. Opting out for a live shopping solution will help you enhance and build customer loyalty and engagement. Hence businesses and brands have started realizing the importance of live shopping.


Live streaming e-commerce helps consumers to identify and connect with a brand in a more realistic and authentic manner. Live streaming e-commerce grabs customer attention and keeps us entertained, engaged, and excited. No amount of interesting or authentic text on a website can do this. Videos are important and they work well because they help customers to understand, identify and relate to a brand individually. But the most important aspect is engagement. Videos commerce creates an emotional impact on viewers which leaves a lasting impression on them about your brand. The potential customers get excited after watching these live-stream shopping videos and are more likely to get attracted to a brand and shop more.

With the Live Streaming Commerce Solution, you can help your brand to grow and serve your customers with the best video commerce solution.

Here are some benefits our Solution offers

  • Allows you to advertise your products at a minimal cost
  • Helps you to engage and connect with your customers in real-time for a better shopping experience and boosts customer engagement
  • Instant offers and discounts offered during a live streaming session allows brands to generate a good sale
  • You can reach multiple audiences at a single time by hosting your live streaming sessions on different social media platforms
❏    Live stream e-commerce offers a space so that buyers and shoppers can communicate and connect with each other in a seamless manner without any intermediate
  • Live shopping generates a sense of curiosity among viewers

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