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The 11 Plus Exams are important is highly competitive. Only a small percentage of applicants who sit in the exam can be guaranteed to pass out. Grammar schools are on par with private schools regarding education quality and prestige. This blog will explain why the 11 Plus mock exams preparation is crucial to preparing a child for the entrance exam.

Students need assistance in the Math preparation from tutors. So 11 Plus Math tuition in Bradford, London, or Che-sham will overcome your problems efficiently. Therefore, we will discuss the significance of 11 Plus mock exams.

The Significance of 11 Plus Mock Exams Are Important

Every parent feels happy when their child passes the 11 Plus exam. They should look into ways to ensure that their children get the best possible guidelines to succeed. Hence many children receive private tuition for the test preparations. 

At the same time, an excellent tutor will be able to teach the essential elements. However, it is difficult for them to learn the 11 Plus Exam. Suppose you can simulate the existing test environment and the test’s actual structure. 

In that case, you will significantly increase your chances of passing simply by practicing. You must locate an 11 Plus Mock Exams provider that can realistically replicate the exam paper in an exact manner.

What are the Advantages of taking an 11 Plus Mock Exam?

The following sections will show the advantages of taking 11 Plus Mock Exams.

Relieve the Tension

We’ve all been in an exam and stressed because of the environment. If you take a test that simulates the actual environment, the child will be able to get familiar with the environment. Therefore this is vital because anxiety can affect children’s test performance. 

If your child is anxious during the Test, encourage them to breathe deeply, hold it, and let it go. Hence this will allow them to recompose and be ready to take the Test.

Paper Format Familiarization

The paper layout, structure, and design are crucial here. The first-time introduction takes time to figure out the format of everything and become acquainted with it. For the second time, 11 Plus mock exam papers offer you extra confidence and assurance. Thus, being familiar with the test adds significant benefits to your exam.

Time Management

Timing is crucial. So applying the right exam skills can be a factor. If your child cannot finish 11 plus Mock Exams questions timely, they will learn the discipline required for successful time management. It’s challenging to train a child to manage their time effectively and efficiently.

However, they have the opportunity to experience this during the 11 Plus online mock test. Then you can ensure it’s an experience that is worth it. The golden rule is to follow time management.

If you cannot answer the question, leave the mark. Also, place an asterisk or dot next to the query and proceed to the next one. Then, if you’ve got time to finish the paper, come back and answer the questions you missed.’

If you go back to an answer and can’t answer it, you can make an educated guess. However, there isn’t any negative marking on these 11 Plus mock exams. So if you don’t answer a question and it is incorrectly marked, you might succeed if you make an educated guess. Make sure you don’t answer any questions that have no answers.

Exam Paper Answer Format

11 Plus Mock exams follow a particular way to answer the questions. You typically create a vertical line in the MCQs. The paper is marked with the (OMR) Optical Mark Recognition software. Therefore the accuracy of your answer is crucial. 

The OMR is a binary reader. Your answer will be correct or wrong. There’s no middle ground. So it is vital that your child is aware of this and writes their answers. 

If they fail to write an answer or answer should remove the incorrect answer and then write the new answer is clear. Hence the computer can recognize it.

11 Plus Performance Report

A reputable 11 Plus mock exams Provider should offer an extensive report. The report will tell you your child’s performance on each part of the 11 Plus Test. Therefore, the report should be relevant. That is why it should include comparisons with other children who also completed the Exam. 

The report should be able to use mark standardization. It is a method to compensate for children born in August versus children born during September. Thus it can also help pay for differences in the difficulty of questions. A reliable provider should also provide you with quartile data to help you assess the possibility of your child passing the test. 

There should be an area for the examiner’s comments that will highlight any particular weaknesses on the test. Then, you can use this report to identify the areas that require attention to help your child prepare. 

The Real 11 Plus Exam

There is only one chance to take the actual Exam for the 11 Plus Entrance. Therefore, take time to learn from your mistakes during your 11 Plus mock exams. We suggest that students take at minimum two mock exams and even more if possible.

 It helps them recognize the most common mistakes made on the first exam. Also, their performance improves after the second and subsequent tests. However, this assistance ensures the perfect preparations for the 11 Plus Exam.


Parents must choose a reputable online 11 Plus mock exam provider that can replicate the test. The service will waste your money if it cannot perform this task. If you practice 11 Plus mock exams, your child will be able to learn through their errors and be more prepared for the actual 11 Plus exam.

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