Choosing an International School in Singapore

International School

It can be challenging to find the right school for your children. There are certain things to look out for to ensure that the school is perfect for your child. Singapore is fortunate to be home to a large number of international schools. But with so many options of international schools within the country, where do you start, and what should you consider? 

Below are a few valuable tips to follow while choosing the best private school in Singapore.

Factors to consider-

There are many private schools in Singapore, and you need to assess various factors when choosing the right school for your children. 

  • Culture: One should determine the school’s culture and the overall focus. Whether the school supports excellence in sports or excellence in academics? Does the school give focus on arts? Is the culture of the school demanding or more relaxed? These are the few things you need to consider when searching for a perfect school for your children. 
  • Cost: Most international schools are relatively expensive when compared to public institutions. Survey the schools and choose the school that best fits you and your children.
  • Curriculum: The international schools provide a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities. This helps the students to develop their skills. Please go through the website and list the curriculum they provide to the children. 
  • Language: It’s crucial to understand what languages the majority of the classes will be taught because, through the medium of instruction, your child gets a grasp over the language. 


  • Make a list: The foremost thing parents should do is make a list of choices of schools based on their chosen preferences. You will probably end up with 5-7 options. 
  • Visit schools: Yes, visiting the schools will take a lot of your effort and time. But it is one the most important things for your school selection process. So before visiting the schools in real life, see and read through their websites.
  • Keep a flexible budget: Singapore international schools can be heavy on the pocket. Sometimes parents need to pay an additional amount for extra tuition in international schools.  
  • Respect the decision of the children: Listen and respect children’s choices too; it is their future. Preferably, when making decisions, it would be best to make them a part of the decision-making process. 


Being a parent is not easy, and there are some don’ts that you should not opt for while searching for international schools.

  • Don’t decide based on people’s feedback. No matter how much you trust them and their judgment. Remember that what works for one child does not necessarily work for others. 
  • Don’t think you can arrive at any school and get admission on the spot. The demand for international schools is relatively high, and you must consider several factors before selecting the right school for your child. 
  • Don’t ignore how your kid responds to the new environment, and don’t ignore your children’s opinions about the new school. 

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