How to Select a Good Nursery School for Your Child?

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When it comes to defining a nursery school, the only word that comes to mind is ‘studying innovatively’. However, it is easier said than done. Every nursery does not offer what it promises.  Hence, you must exercise due diligence before enrolling your child in International schools in Abu Dhabi.

The article helps you to prevent an unsavoury experience of selecting the wrong nursery school.  Here are some qualities that you need to factor in before selecting a school.

1.      Check if the school is accredited or not?

The child’s foundation skills are important. It simplifies their future lifestyle and makes them face the world with confidence. Many schools are focused on providing quality education, but if the authority does not accredit them, it will lack the necessary credibility.

Accredited International schools in Abu Dhabi follow specific education standards and adhere to the safety principles necessary for a nursery school student.  Please have a look at their certificates, letters, and other proof of affiliation. The schools will be happy to share their credentials.

2.      International schools in Abu Dhabi should have state-of-the-art facilities.

The market has a huge number of pre-schools, so selecting them is not a cakewalk. Before zeroing in any option, check whether the school has adequate state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities and learning space for 21st – century learners.  They should have a well-equipped play area and an auditorium for cultural artwork.

3.      The nursery school teachers should be professionally trained and certified

The schools that are genuinely interested in building the student’s future hire professionally trained teachers who can efficiently handle children from diverse backgrounds. Regular workshops and in-house training programs are conducted to make them aware of different learning skills. You can easily gauge and learn the teacher’s ability by her way of communication.

4.  Promoting and nurturing outlook for nursery school students

Nursery students need a comforting environment to thrive and to open their wings.  They think the world is as protective as their parents. Hence, the schools should be able to offer them a trustable environment. You can visit the classroom to understand this better and most modern classrooms are filled with gadgets, screens, and other equipment, but ensure that they use it wisely. 

5.      Find an international school in Abu Dhabi where the learning assimilates with character development.

The formative years of the child are important. The school plays a vital role in developing the character of the child. Hence, before selecting the school, ensure that apart from imparting education, it also builds ethical values among the students. You can check this by seeing how different children are conducting themselves in school.

6.      Ask what different types of languages are taught in the school.

If you plan to enroll your nursery kid in an International school in Abu Dhabi, verify the different types of languages taught in the school.  Most international schools follow English as a primary method of instruction. However, they should also teach them different languages to keep the students motivated and make them aware of different cultures and respect them.  You can also ask about the program, whether it is academic-oriented or play-based.

7.      Ask the international school in Abu Dhabi about co-curricular activities.

Extra-curricular activities help in shaping the personality of the kids. Since the children will be coming from different backgrounds, their interests will be diverse. Hence, the nursery should be able to cater to them the right way. They should have an adequate playground for conducting games or small events, an art club, a library, etc. When you visit the campus, keep an eye on the different facilities offered by the school.

8.      The school should be capable of uplifting the thoughts of the children.

Enrolling your child in the nursery of an international school is the best option because they help the young mind to accept people from different backgrounds with the same tolerance. Children need to respect all cultures, traditions, and religions to become global citizens. And these schools can help them broaden their horizons further.  

9.      The school should have a good rapport.

The nursery school should have a good reputation. You can check this by asking your friends and family. You might also consider checking their social media profiles and scrutinizing their reviews. It will help you to get a first-hand experience of the school’s credibility.

To sum it up

Many schools promise to offer an international curriculum.  You would be spoilt for choices. However, selecting a good nursery for the various options requires a lot of leg-work.

These pointers are well-thought and will help you to decide the best nursery school for your child. If you are searching for an  International school in Abu Dhabi, check for authentic choices like Global International School. The school envisions offering your child education that goes a mile ahead of his learning experience. Their teachers are well-trained and certified to lend a strong voice to your child. Visit their website to learn what kind of cross-cultural training the nursery school will offer to children.