Telltale Signs of Erectile Dysfunction and What to Do About Them


If you notice something unusual that messes with your bedroom time, you shouldn’t ignore it. While everything may seem normal, chances are that there might be a big problem coming your way. Certain telltale signs can help determine the extent of your health condition and warn you about the things that could go wrong in the near future. If you haven’t been bonding properly with your partner lately and find something unusual about your erections, you should consider seeking out help from a medical professional. While sexual concerns are pretty common, they can be distressing and challenging to deal with. Problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED) can make a man unable to achieve or sustain an erection during sexual intercourse. Where medications such as Cialis 60 mg (that contain Tadalafil) are used for the treatment of ED, there are certain telltale signs that can help identify what’s wrong with your body and what you can do about them.

No Morning Wood or Nocturnal Erections

An erection occurs when the blood flows properly to the penis. Talking about arousal, your brain, hormones, blood vessels, and muscles play an important role. If you notice that you haven’t been experiencing morning wood or nocturnal erections lately, you might be suffering from ED. Morning wood and nocturnal erections indicate that your blood vessels are functioning properly. 

Therefore, if you notice you aren’t experiencing them anymore, you should seek help from a doctor.

Your Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Levels are To be Blamed

If you have been dealing with blood pressure and cholesterol issues lately, your blood vessels might have gotten damaged and lost their elasticity. If your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are high, your blood vessels cannot contract and dilate properly making it difficult for you to get an erection. Get your vitals checked by a GP on your routine visit. 

Certain Medications Can Affect Your Erections

Medications such as SSRIs (antidepressants) and blood pressure medications can have a negative impact on your erections. SSRIs are known to affect the sexual drive of a person by inhibiting norepinephrine to reach the brain. Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for arousal. On the other hand, blood pressure medications can affect blood flow and make it difficult for you to achieve an erection.

You are Suffering from Stress and Anxiety 

Psychological issues such as stress and anxiety can affect the way your brain sends nerve signals to the penis. These conditions can affect the rate of blood flow and in turn, make it difficult for you to get hard. It becomes essential to identify the cause of stress to prevent your health from getting deteriorated. Stress and anxiety also have a negative impact on your overall health. Therefore, if you find trouble managing stress on your own, take help from a therapist.

Sex isn’t Your Cup of Tea Anymore

If you don’t feel the urge to have sex, it’s time that you get your testosterone levels checked. Testosterone is responsible for libido in men. Low testosterone levels can impact your sex drive and make it difficult for you to get aroused easily. A loss of sexual drive can definitely lessen your chances of getting an erection.

 You Have Diabetes or Heart Disease

Conditions such as diabetes and heart disease can damage your blood vessels and nerves. As a result, blood flow can get hindered that may contribute to ED. A study reports that men with Type 2 Diabetes are likely to develop ED within 5-10 years of getting diagnosed with the condition. 

Furthermore, if you are suffering from a heart condition, the chances of suffering from ED increase. 

What Can You Do to Prevent ED?

Preventing erectile dysfunction starts at the very beginning. When you notice any telltale signs of erectile dysfunction as mentioned above, you should definitely talk to your doctor. While it may not be able to prevent ED completely, there are certain steps you can take to manage your overall health and take care of yourself. 

These include:

Lifestyle Modifications

Making certain lifestyle changes can shape up your overall health. If you are an alcoholic or a smoker, consider quitting both of them. While it may not be easy at first, you should consider joining therapy clubs wherein you can talk about your problems with people who share the same common interests as yours. Eat a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly. Make sure that you get at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep daily. 

Prescription Medications

If you find trouble managing ED, your doctor may prescribe certain medications to help you out. These include PDE 5 inhibitors that help increase blood circulation throughout the body, including the penis. 

  • Viagra – Viagra, also known as the blue pill is a popular ED drug that is prescribed for the treatment of ED. In fact, it is the very first drug that was used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It contains an active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate that enables the blood flow to the penis. A dose of Viagra 200 mg which is the highest dose of the drug is often prescribed to patients for whom the lower doses don’t work properly. This medication is intended to be taken on an empty stomach and at least 1 hour before any sexual activity. The effects of this medicine last for 4-5 hours.
  • Cialis – Cialis is another ED drug that contains the ingredient Tadalafil. It helps blood flow to the penis and helps men get or sustain an erection during intercourse. The effects of this medicine last for 36 hours.
  • Levitra – Yet another popular ED drug sold under the name Levitra is often prescribed by doctors as a starting form of treatment. It contains Vardenafil that relaxes the smooth muscles present in the walls of the blood vessels of the body, including the penis. It comes in various doses such as 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg. While Levitra 20 mg is the most commonly prescribed dose of the medicine, for men who don’t get the desired benefits of the drug, a higher dose such as Levitra 40 mg may be prescribed. The effects of Levitra last for a period of 5 hours. 

Penis Implants or Penis Pumps

Penis implants or penis pumps are devices that draw blood into the penis with the help of air suction. While they aren’t a foolproof cure for ED, they certainly help you have a good time with your partner in bed. 

Certain telltale signs of erectile dysfunction can help identify the problem before it becomes a matter of concern for you. Take help from a medical professional who can help you figure out the exact cause of the problem and provide a suitable treatment plan. 

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