Amazing Ways to Celebrate Rakhi for Long Distance Siblings


Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is one of the most celebrated festivals in the homes of every Indian. The festival is a symbol of everlasting and genuine love between brothers and sisters. While you stay with your siblings in the same house, silly fights and disagreements become unavoidable. However, there is a time when everyone needs to move ahead in their lives, resulting in miles of physical distance between the siblings. Yes, we are talking about dreadful long-distance relationships. And in such a situation, if you are wondering how to bring a smile to your siblings face, then order customised rakhi for the same. A customised gift always makes someone feel special and attached. 

Undoubtedly, distance becomes more painful during the festivals, especially during Raksha Bandhan. The severe gap in the distances between you and your siblings leaves the memories of how you celebrated the festival with your siblings in the past. We understand your pain and feelings, and hence we brought you fantastic ideas to celebrate long-distance Raksha Bandhan that proves distance is nothing more than a number when it comes to closeness. 

Amazing Ways to Celebrate Long Distance Rakhi

Online Rakhi 

When you stay together, you tie a rakhi around your beloved brother’s wrist, which is not possible when you both are located in different parts of the country or different corners of the world. However, you can always express your brother’s underlying love and affection by sending him an online rakhi. 

You can search the popular greetings and gifting websites for a fantastic ethnic rakhi collection online. Ensure to send your brother his rakhi on time so that he can go out with the beautiful rakhi around his wrist on a special day. Ensure to be selective while you select a rakhi for him. If you are unsure, you can also search online about the trending designs of the year. 

Online Shopping Vouchers

Irrespective of the festivals and celebrations, everyone loves to go out shopping. You can gift home an e-shopping voucher of his favorite brand and make your brother go on a much-needed shopping spree. Ensure that you are sending him the gift on time during the festival so that he can flaunt his outfit on the day of Rakhi. Do you have a brother who is more concerned about the environment? Then you can gift him the e-shopping voucher from environmentally conscious brands, such as H&M and Mamaearth.

Online Movie Tickets 

Nothing more than watching a good movie at the theatre kills the boredom. You can log on to some popular entertainment portals and shop for movie tickets or passes for your brother. He can enjoy a chilled Saturday night out and refresh his mind. While booking the e-movie tickets, ensure that it matches his tastes and preferences. 

Celebrate on a Video Call

Thanks to the technology, which helps you in staying connected with your near and dear ones in real-time. You can easily bridge the distance gap with a video call on the day of Raksha Bandhan. You can even purchase sweets and exchange them over the call or create a family time to create a joyous moment together.

Opt for Specialized Personalized Gifts 

Ensure to make the Raksha Bandhan celebrations fun-filled with the touch of personalized gifts. The gifts enhance your connection to shine through. You can opt for personalized products such as key chains, coffee mugs, a photo frame or a bracelet, which your siblings will like to keep close to their hearts. The pictures you use for personalizing gifts will speak of the best times you spent together with your siblings and keep you connected forever. 

Cheer Your Siblings with a Personalized Video Message 

If your sibling recently moved out of the house and feels sad remembering those Rakhi days they spent with you, cheer him up with a personalized video message from his favorite celebrity. Create the message by clubbing the pictures of your siblings, their all-time favorite songs and a heartfelt personalized message. The video message is sure to make them feel better and put a smile on their faces. When they do not know your plan, the video will be a pleasant surprise to your siblings. 

A Heartfelt Social Media Post

Although everyone is present over the social media platforms, we rarely write a heartfelt social post for our siblings. Make the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan more enjoyable by gathering all your feelings and put a heart-warming post for your sibling on social media. You can also post an adorable picture of yourself along with your siblings or create a montage compiling audio and videos. It will surely make your siblings overwhelmed with joy, and the thoughtful gesture would melt their hearts. 

Rakhi Gift Hampers 

You can Rakhi gift hampers for your brother. It is the best way to make your siblings feel the closeness that exists, even though you are not close physically. You can go for a delicious customized cake, grooming hamper, a stylish pair of sunglasses or a lucky bamboo in combination with a beautiful pearl or Ganesha or bracelet rakhi to surprise your brother. If you have a younger brother back at home, you can give him teddy bears, customized chocolates, or a scrapbook. With this gift, you deliver love, irrespective of the distance between you and your brother.


Besides celebrating your rakhi online, invest in a thoughtful gift. Celebrate the day of brothers and sisters with great zest and enthusiasm. No matter what corner of the world where you are residing, you can easily beat the distance and bring closeness between you and your brother with these awesome long-distance rakhi celebration ideas.

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