Are You Curious To Know ‘How To Juggle A Soccer Ball?’

Soccer Ball

Juggling seems so entertaining. Several people say that juggling is not a vital part of soccer. It’s just a time pass. However, there are some benefits contained behind the juggling of a soccer ball. If you know how to juggle a soccer ball, then you will also become interested in juggling it. Now let’s discuss some steps for how to juggle a soccer ball.

Steps of juggling a soccer balls

  1. Consistent Training – 

‘Practice makes a man perfect.’ Juggling also needs lots of practice. If you go for practice once a week. Then you can never be a good juggler. Minimum it needs the practice of four to five days in a week.

  1. Dropping the ball on foot and starting catch – 

First, drop the ball down to your foot. Then kick the ball back upwards and try to catch it with your hands. Always aim to drop the ball straight. Perform this same task since with your right foot and once with your left foot. After practicing numerous times, you can once successfully drop the ball straight. And then you will also can catch it easily.

  1. Using both foot – 

Now, as a beginner you always will find your comfort zone. And in juggling, it never happened exceptionally. So you will try to juggle the soccer ball with that foot which is strong and major to you. But it is totally wrong. This practice can never make you a good juggler. You have to practice with both the strong and weak foot according to you. A good juggler must juggle the soccer ball with both foot well.

  1. Hitting the ball with the right body part – 

Always try to hit the soccer ball with the right portion of your body. Unless there will be a chance to go in an unfair direction. So better you can hit the ball with the bottom portion of your shoe laces. It will help you to control the ball decently in a proper way.

  1. Use under inflated ball – 

When you will go to choose a soccer ball for juggling. Always select the ball which is under inflated. This type of ball us always ready to be bounced generously. But flat ball can’t assist you to bounce well.

  1. Never kick the leg so high – 

There is a common error among beginners that they keep their leg so high at the time of kicking. But it is the worst technique. If you keep your leg so high, you’ll not have proper control. So you have to keep your leg a little high from the ground within a perfect balance.

  1. Using the inside of the leg – 

It is a very witty method to use the inside portion of your leg. Especially for that moment when the ball becomes so close to your body. Then kicking with the inside portion of your leg will help to maintain the balance in your juggling.

  1. Never throw the ball so high by kicking – 

As a beginner, you will not have good control on the ball. If then you throw the ball too high in the air. Then it will go beyond your entire control. For better result try to keep the height up to waist or belly button. 


These are some helpful steps on how to juggle a soccer ball. Several people have an inclination to create a record. Regardless, never be overconfident with your record. You may not be able to set this record consistently. So just try to love the game. Try to enjoy juggling. 

Progress is not a simple matter. We all have to be patient to make progress in our life. Likewise, in juggling a soccer ball you also have to keep the faith that by practicing more you can juggle well once. Within a week, you can never make a record of 50 to 60 juggling at a time. Though you can juggle well with your one strong foot. But never stuck here. Because as a good juggler, you need to juggle with both feet. And these above mentioned tips about how to juggle a soccer ball will surely help you.