6 Essential Tools Used During Roof Repair in Boston MA

Essential Tools Used During Roof Repair

There are several tools used during roof repair in Boston, MA. Professionals have a collection of heavy-duty tools they utilize to fix all kinds of roof issues.

However, despite various kinds of equipment, you’ll find these six tools in the box of every big roofing contractor. The list includes,

Fall Protection

Safety should be the first concern before starting any roofing project. Even, if you are repairing the roof yourself, it should be part of your tool kit. Make sure the fall protection you buy is light-weight that won’t restrict your movement.

Additionally, it allows you to hang your nail bag as well, which is a valuable feature. Furthermore, whenever you hire roofing contractors in Boston, make sure they use this tool for every worker they have. It ensures their safety while preventing any serious accidents on your property.

Shingle Remover

The removal of damaged or broken shingles is no easy task and requires certain precision. These specialized shingle remover slides between the shingles and helps to take them off without damaging the surface.

This tool has long handles that allow you to use it while standing, and allowing to insert force easily. No matter which roofing contractors in Boston, MA, you hire, this will be a must-have in their tool kit.

Straight Blade Knife

This heavy-duty blade is a part of every contractor’s tool kit. No matter the size of the roof contractor’s business, they will have this handy tool. Also, when the blades get dull, they can easily be replaced, making the job easy and quick during the repair.

Cordless Nailer

This equipment is ideal for quick repair jobs. It is easy to handle and can fire 2 nails in just a second. Furthermore, it has a side-loading canister that allows to quickly load the nail gun.

This feature comes in very handy for large projects of roof installation or repair. The roofing contractors in Peabody, MA, can use this heavy-duty tool to offer quick and safe services.

Hammer Tacker

Before installing a new roof, a felt sheet is rolled across the sheathing. This paper needs to be stapled down before the new shingles are installed, and this tool is the quickest way to do it. This feature will allow the contractors to install the paper in no time, so they can move on to doing more important tasks.

Air Compressor

When the contractor is running the roofing nailer, they will need some air, for sure. The contractors like Melo’s Construction make sure to use mid-size air compressors. They are lightweight and consume low power, unlike large-sized machines.

However, make sure the contractors avoid taking air compressors on the roof. It is extremely dangerous. When plugged in, the machine vibrates, which causes the air compressor to fall over.

Also, in some cases, taking someone else with them as well. Consequently, causes damage to the property as well as the health of the workers.

What Other Tools Roof Repair In Boston MA Use?

Along with these six essential tools, the roofing companies in Peabody, MA, uses several other tools as well. The list further includes hammer, pry bar, chalk box, tape measures, etc.

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