Cane Corso Puppies for Sale – What Makes the Puppies Different?

Cane Corso Puppies for Sale

So you are browsing cane corso puppies for sale? You must have made a decision to purchase one of these lovely cane corso puppies. These puppies can be your loyal and loving friend. Well, to convince you more, let’s dig more into what makes these puppies different!

Furious Facts about Cane Corso Puppies

Most people consider cane corso puppies as tough and mean dogs. That it is not entirely the fault of these puppies. After all, cane corso was originally bred to protect people and land from everything, even lions!

In fact, the history told that almost 1,000 years ago, a cane corso fought a lion on the Tibetan Plateau, only to protect an ancient monastery. Well…

The Growth of Grey Cane Corso Puppies for Sale

As you read above, grey cane corso puppies for sale are very gracefully aged.  Yet, just the same as other breeds, the puppies grow from puppeteering to adults and senior dogs.

A Brief History to Know Before Buy Cane Corso Puppies

Before you will buy cane corso puppies, you surely want to know a brief history of the breed. The history can be traced back to ancient Greece. Cane corso belongs to a subcategory of working breeds called Morosser dogs which is named after the ancient Greek tribe Morosi.

The name actually means “guardian dog.” Thus, you know that these puppies were raised to protect their owners.  When the Roman Empire was at its most powerful, armies that took over Greek islands brought cane corso puppies back to Italy. Then, they breed the puppies with native Italian breeds.

The Fearlessness of Cane Corso Puppies for Sale

The fearlessness and ferocity made cane corso puppies for sale the pawfect sidekicks for explorers trying to take over more land. Ancient tales say that the ancestors of this breed were even bigger and scarier looking than the puppies today! The cane corso owners used to strap buckets of flaming oil onto their backs and send the dogs out to charge enemy lines – backs ablaze!

When the Western Empire dissolved in the fifth century, the Italian breed was out of work. Cane corso dogs found themselves with regular dog day jobs like hunting wild boar, farming, and guarding livestock and farmhouses as watchdogs.

Cane corso dogs looked pretty good prancing around the Italian countryside until WWI and WWII brought invaders into the peninsula. In addition, industrialization has made them unemployed because machines were able to work faster than these dogs were.

The Care Tips after Getting Cane Corso Puppies for Sale Cheap

After getting your cane corso puppies for sale cheap, you will have to take care of your puppies properly. Yet, this can be quite challenging for the new owners.  To make things easier, below are some care tips you can do for your puppy.

Take a look at the eyes of your puppy

A cane corso puppy can develop a condition called “cherry eye.” This is an escape of the nictitating membrane. Basically, this is part of the tearing eye. If you start to notice inflammation, redness, or watery eyes in your puppy, contact your dog’s ophthalmologist (ophthalmologist) immediately to address the problem before other eye problems occur.

Get an important health check recommended by your veterinarian

Regular examinations are highly important to detect hip dysplasia and arthritis in your puppy. Make sure your puppy visits a veterinarian regularly throughout his life. After all, you cannot always identify the signs and symptoms on your own.

Make a proper diet for your puppy that promotes healthy growth

After you purchase cane corso puppies for sale, the puppy will need proper nutrition to grow. In addition, proper nutrition will prevent the development of orthopedic disorders that affect bones, joints, and muscles.

You can give your puppy dog foods specially formulated for large breeds. A cane corso puppy usually weighs over 100 pounds. Thus, proper food is very essential to their overall health. Work together with your veterinarian to get nutritional recommendations for puppies of growing giant breeds.

Get Cane Corso Puppies for Sale Near Me

To get the best puppy, you should consider searching at cane corso puppies for sale near me. Yet, after you get your beloved puppy, you will have to train him or her. Here are some training tips you can do for your puppy.

Size up the gear when your puppy grows bigger

During the first year of her development, your puppy will grow in front of you. Pay attention to the growth rate of your puppy. As your cane corso puppy grows, size up the gear for training. Your puppy will stop growing in about 18 months.

Check out the collar of your puppy frequently to make sure it is not too tight. Also remember to replace it with a larger one before you start pinching the skin. Investing in adjustable gear is another great way to make your gear comfortable to use as your puppy grows up.

Train your puppy early to prevent overly violent play

If you love to play with a chewing toy and your dog’s teeth just lightly brush your meat, your playtime is over. In case your puppy will accidentally pinch you, do not shout or hit your puppy. Simply remove the toys and ignore your pet for a while.

Yes, it will be difficult to ignore your adorable puppy. However, you need to teach your puppy an important life lesson. Tell your puppy that every time his teeth encounter human skin, all the fun stops.

Train your puppy to be a great leash walker

One thing you need to remember after getting cane corso for sale is that a cane corso is a sociable and friendly variety. Yet, sometimes people will freeze in the streets around them. Thus, if you don’t train your puppy to be a good dog citizen, your puppy will easily bark as a communication strategy. This will surely scare passers-by.

Address this behavior early on by actively training your puppy to become a respectful leash walker. Take your puppy on many sniffing walks to explore the area. Don’t forget to give for reward their good behavior with many treats.

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