Natural Pregnancy vs IVF — Which is better?

Natural Pregnancy

Planning for a child? But baffled whether to go for natural pregnancy or consider IVF? This article might help you out. Though natural pregnancy is commonly the first adopted and most preferred type of pregnancy, you may need to consider IVF treatment in some cases.

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This article briefs what is normal pregnancy, IVF, and which one of these is better, either natural pregnancy vs IVF. 

What is natural pregnancy?

Natural pregnancy is when pregnancy occurs from fleshly intercourse, not from any clinical procedure. Male partner’s sperm is ejaculated into the vagina, it fertilizes the egg and implants the embryo in the womb.

Natural pregnancy is the most preferred type of pregnancy. Since it involves minimal to no clinical interference, it is considered the healthiest type of pregnancy. Clinical interference on the other hand, should be considered in cases where it becomes necessary.

There are several factors that affect and influence one’s natural ability to conceive that include:


Age plays an important role when it comes to conceiving through natural pregnancy. As females grow older, their fertility levels begin to decline. This decline ultimately makes it difficult to get pregnant naturally.


Studies have found that obesity is linked to poor fertility. It is more common in obese women to have fertility issues than the ones who maintain a healthy body weight. In natural pregnancy, being overweight can lessen your chances to conceive.


Good nutrition is the key to a healthy pregnancy. While you are trying to conceive naturally, the best is to make sure that you are serving your body with adequate nutrition.

Adopting a good diet can do the job. You can add diets that are ironic in folate, folic acid, calcium, vitamin D, protein and iron. These foods support fertility and eventually increase chances of conceiving naturally.


Certain habits have been found to affect fertility and eventually cause a decline in chances of natural pregnancy. These habits include smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine intake.

Smoking affects sperm quality in men and impairs ovulation in women by affecting estrogen levels. Alcohol consumption lowers testosterone levels in men developing erectile dysfunction and impairs egg growth in women by increasing estrogen levels. And, studies have found that caffeine can increase the risk of miscarriages.

Health conditions

Certain health conditions are found to cause a decline in the chances of natural pregnancy such as: reproductive abnormalities, hormonal disorders, pelvic inflammatory disease, STIs, diabetes, high blood pressure more. It is best to consult with a doctor or gynecologist if you are trying for natural pregnancy with one of such health conditions.

What is IVF?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the clinical procedures to help a couple with fertility issues get pregnant. It involves the removal of egg from the ovaries, fertilizing it in a laboratory, and then returning the fertilized egg, also called the embryo to the woman’s womb for further growth.

IVF is the most preferred yet effective clinical treatment for pregnancy. IVF is commonly advised when a couple is trying for conception naturally, but that is not happening due to any of the above discussed issues. In fact, you can consider GraceFertility, the best IVF centre in Gurgaon for your IVF and other clinical pregnancy treatments.

Which is better? Natural pregnancy vs IVF

The straight answer is, it depends. Whether you should go for natural pregnancy or IVF utterly depends on your fertility and health condition.

There are several factors that might affect your fertility and make it difficult to conceive with natural pregnancy. In such a case, you may have to go for IVF or some other clinical pregnancy treatment such as IUI, IVF with donor eggs, preimplantation genetic screening, or gestational surrogacy.

However, if you ask which one is better, no doubt, it is natural pregnancy. But in case, due to aging, weight, nutrition, some bad habit, a health condition or any other reason, if you are not able to conceive naturally, IVF is a great clinical alternative you can go for. 


Which one is better? Natural pregnancy or IVF. The answer will vary, for you, and for everyone. However natural pregnancy is the most preferred type of pregnancy, in some cases, it might not help and one has to take help of a gynecologist.

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Natural pregnancy is great. But if it does not work out for you, it does not mean that there is no hope. You can still go for IVF or other clinical pregnancy options and get pregnant.

Hope this article helped!