Social Media Aggregator – Why Do You Need One in 2020

Social Media Aggregators

Do you ever feel like reaching out to all our customers at the same time and that too with creative presence?

I guess yes! Indeed it’s the most growing need of all the marketers to mark their footprint across all the marketing channels, and what’s better than social media aggregator to promote your brand and sell products globally. 

But imagine the mess that will be created while managing all the social media channels at a single time. To get free from this chaos and streamline your updates from a single source, social media aggregator tools are here to provide you with a hustle free experience.

If you are keen to know what social media aggregator tools are and how to leverage it, then this blog is for you.

What is a social media aggregator?

Social media aggregator is the tool that aggregates content from diverse social media platforms and curates it in a single feed.

These tools help the brands to collect the content from social networking sites using hashtags, mentions, keywords, etc. 

All the relevant UGC can be aggregated into a unified form and can be displayed either during events or embedded on a website.

Brands can aggregate social content in different ways. Let’s dive deeper to know what are different types of aggregations, how and why to use social media aggregators.

So, let’s get started!

Types of social media aggregation

You can aggregate almost any type of content from social media be it blogs, images, videos, testimonials, etc. There are two types of social media aggregation which helps you collect and curate the content from multiple social media platforms.

1. Social media content aggregation

It helps you to aggregate the content from social media channels using hashtags, mentions, profile, keyword, etc.

2. Social network aggregation 

It helps you to aggregate content from a single social network specific to the targeted audience.

For example-

Facebook aggregation, Instagram aggregation, Twitter aggregation, etc.                               

Different Ways to use social media aggregator tool 

A social media aggregator tool can be employed in various ways and create an endless opportunity for the brands to display their social media feed.

1. Social media wall for websites

Brands can create a social media wall by collecting and curating content from various social media channels and aggregating it into a single feed. This feed is then embedded on the website to increase website traffic and boost user engagement.

2. Social media wall for events

Using social media aggregator tools, brands can create their social media wall which can be displayed on large screens during the events. This wall is an amazing way to boost audience engagement and interaction during the event.

3. Digital signages for indoor/outdoor advertising

Brands can display reviews of the real customers, their feedback by collecting them from various social media platforms and aggregating into a single feed. It can be displayed on digital screens for advertising at various retail stores, hospitals, restaurants, salons, etc.

4. Shoppable feed for website 

Using aggregator tools, brands can create a social wall with user-generated content and embed it on the website. This wall can be converted into a shoppable feed by adding tags to images using visual commerce platforms.

Benefits of social media aggregators  

1. Creates social proof for brands

User-generated content is a powerful word-of-mouth that influences the purchase decision of the customers for the branded products.

It acts as social proof for the brands and their products on the website and during events and increases the authenticity and reliability of the brand.

2. Humanizes a brand

UGC provides the brand with a look that attracts the maximum customer. When this UGC is embedded on the website or displayed on the screen using the aggregator tool, it helps in humanizing the brands and builds an appealing visual hub on the website or at events to boost engagement.

3. Saves time and efforts

Imagine being occupied with copying and pasting content from different social media platforms manually throughout the day?

Undoubtedly it will be a tedious task to do. So, why to put extra effort to do it manually when you can do it with just a few clicks.

Social media aggregator tools are the perfect option for the brands to display their social media presence in a single feed and create a social wall with the feed in very less time.

4. Enhance audience engagement

By aggregating the social media content in a single feed, and displaying it during events and on digital screens at the stores, not only boost audience engagement but also increase the interaction of the audience with the brands and its products.

Also, by displaying the real-time content on the screen, the audience will become more interested in the event and would love to participate actively. 


Social media aggregation is a cost-effective way to showcase your social media presence to a large scale audience with attractive and compelling layouts and customized feed. All you need is to choose the perfect aggregator tool for your brand. So, what are you waiting for?

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