Key Challenges for Web Development in India Today

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India has seen a surge in enterprise web application development in recent years, and it has increased multifold in the current era. Companies face intense competition in the market to churn out products that are user-friendly, functional to the customer, and rich in business value. 

There have been several innovations in both mobile and app web development. This trend has led to a surge of on-demand applications to meet and match customers’ specific requirements in the market. In every web application development project, customers look for- 

1. Cost.

2. It’s feel or experience. 

3. Value for money. 

Today, web application development is progressing at an aggressive speed. The interfaces that are being made and in demand are better and friendlier to users. 

Before choosing the right service provider in India for web application projects, customers generally –

· Visit platforms intended for social media and mobile apps.

· Check the website of the company.

· Verify the details of the company. 

This makes it crucial for companies dealing with web application development to know how to interact with the customers and respond to them successfully. 

Web Development Services in India 

The globe has several web developers, and more and more companies are emerging in this field. Some individuals are even changing their careers to become developers in mobile and web applications as the demand is high.

There is a surge in web and mobile applications, so it can be safe to claim that the world of application development is approaching saturation with millions of diverse applications in app stores.

Indian developers face intense competition, which will only become more challenging in the days to come. They face a large number of challenges in the Indian market today. These key challenges have been listed- 

1. Users of the web and mobile apps are very hard to satisfy – Users of mobile and web applications have several competitors in the current market. 

Developers create apps for a specific niche, and this is why the competition today has increased drastically. Since there are several apps in a particular business niche, consumers have several options to choose from. 

Even if a web or a mobile app is doing well, it will need updates regularly. In case an update is not released on time, a new app will arrive soon and throw the old app out of the market. The needs of a business change regularly, and developers need to be aware of them. 

When an app is created, an essential part of the app is overlooked or missed out. This can be a crucial element of the app.

Developers need to work on the app and include this feature to cater to their current needs.

2. The website is never complete till it is launched – There are instances of the site not being perfect after it is launched. Again, there might be an extra feature or benefit that you want to add, but you cannot do so until an update is made. This results in working on the app again, resulting in further delays as the developer needs to re-negotiate the contract. If this delay sustains, gradually, the credibility of the app faces the brunt of the user. 

3. Optimization of the website – Smartphones and mobile devices are very popular today. Due to this fact, there is a lot of pressure on companies that deal with website design in India. 

Developers are under acute pressure to create websites that have been fully optimized for smartphones and other mobile devices.

At the same time, several online users are using desktops to access the Internet and work. 

This means that developers today need to focus on two customer segments and ensure the same quality is delivered across both platforms with success. 

Here developers-

 · Understand the audience. 

· Hold regular consultations with them.

· Know the nature of the mobile devices that are used by the targeted audience. 

· Enquire whether the client can have separate websites and mobile devices. 

4. The accessibility is limited – Web developers are faced with another pressure of making sure that their sites can be accessed by people irrespective of their handicaps. The following are some questions that will make their site user-friendly and seamless to use. 

Web AIM sets out specific guidelines to make websites more accessible to users with disabilities. These features include-

· Better navigation. 

· The use of touch and sound responsive buttons. 

· Development of device agnostics. 

However, despite these guidelines by Web AIM, companies fail to abide by them for the following reasons- 

1. The guidelines are not specifically transparent.

2. Lack of software. 

3. Lack of requisite web development skills.

4. No client support, etc.

The project’s stakeholders must ensure that skill training is resorted to for its success to tackle the above challenge. 

Hire an experienced Web Development Company

To cater to the above challenges, it makes sense to hire web development companies with relevant experience in the web or mobile application project you want to undertake. They should have a working knowledge of the structure and framework needed to build the app successfully.

At the same time, the company should have worked in a broader portfolio. The team should be experienced and skilled in tackling any challenge that comes in their way.

Hire Web Developers that care about your project as much as you do 

When it comes to web application development, you should choose companies dedicated to your project’s goals. Every web application development project faces challenges regularly; however, the team should tackle them with experience, foresight, and proactively.

The common challenges businesses face in web application development are insufficient funds, lack of trust on the part of the customer, lack of human resources, etc. This is a trend, and most businesses face them regularly.

However, every business working on web application development projects should have a problem resolving approach and proceed with the project to attain the success it deserves. 

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