The Difference Between a Binary plan and a Uni level in Network Marketing software design

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According to the needs of companies, plan designers design revenue plans, most of which are of the Binary or Uni level type. In this article, we want to acquaint you with the advantages and disadvantages of these plans in terms of system dimensions and commission output. One of the companies with experience in the field of network marketing software site design will review the issue from a systemic point of view. 

In India, Uni level is often confused with MLM, and everyone thinks that MLM is a new type of marketing network that is implemented only in India, but this is not the case, and this image is wrong if Multi Level Marketing is sold to the system in several Surface is called MLM for short and its meaning is that the sale of goods in a multi-level with Binary or Uni Level plans. Of course, in India, software Development Company in India that have a license in India do not use Binary plans and the tree structure is based on Uni Level is called MLM in both cases.

Advantage plans Uni Level

  1. The main advantage of this plan, the number of branches directly to an unlimited number of quite unlike Uni level that everyone can be extremely Direct or direct branch have
  2. People in this plan will work just people who Train them to communicate directly with them and manage their sales network at lower levels.
  3. There is the ability to implement systems such as RolUp in Uni Level. This system can compress the network at the end of each commission period, and people who have not been active in the current period will be removed from the current period, and subordinates will be shifted to higher levels.
  4. Managing and optimizing the database in Uni Level is very simple and can make any changes that the site administrator needs, such as deleting the site or moving the site.
  5. It is possible to get a legal activity license for this plan.
  6. You can receive up to an unlimited level of commission, but in India, law firms are not allowed to pay more than 7 levels of commission.

Advantages of Binary Plan

  1. The system operates on the basis of balance and the point or amount obtained from the subset after deduction in the balance system is transferred to the next period. It is called Save. In India, companies that have an official license are not saved after the end of the month and will not be transferred to the next period.
  2. Binary plan is used in large companies such as Quest, and after being able to reach a good position in terms of balance, a person can receive a commission for a lifetime, which in network marketing licensed plans depends on the activity and purchase of the person.
  3. Binary plan is the most famous monetization plan in the world
  4. Ease of learning and the highest amount of output or Payout among other plans and the reason is the simplicity in understanding and learning it
  5. Usually the speed of earning money in Binary happens fast
  6. In this plan, everything ends in two branches 
  7. You can get unlimited salary level 
  8. People with little experience can easily join the binary plan and start their activity because it is enough for 2 people per person Add as your right and left branches.

Both MLM Business Plans are very popular among the investors and MLM business structure providers. But keeping the data of such branches of MLM plans manually becomes really difficult. So, having the multi level marketing software India seems very viable for MLM business structure.

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