Ministers Reject Weekly COVID Tests in Schools-COVID FACT


COVID brought a lot of damages and hardships with it. From making people homeless to starving to death, it took everybody away- Mentally and physically. 

The daily discovered coronavirus cases in The UK are increasing every day. From 7000 to 17000, the situation is worsening with each passing day. In the last two months, the highest numbers of coronavirus cases have been recorded in the UK which has angered a lot of local leaders. According to their judgement, Government isn’t meticulous enough about the pandemic situation especially, the situation of education during COVID.

What Was Suggested?

After the opening of public places, workplaces and educational institutes, the cases rapidly increased because of the increase in human interaction and carelessness. To avoid that further from happening, it was suggested to take all the precautions and stay as safe and sound as everybody can. Hence, Children commissioners made regular COVID tests compulsory to be carried so that the virus can be caught immediately and the treatment can be started. This was done to prevent the virus from spreading furthermore saving hundreds and thousands of lives.

No tests until the symptoms are shown

However, this was opposed by the ministers, including Nick Gibb- The School Minister of England. Nick stated coronavirus testing shouldn’t be done regularly in the schools and rejected it. Furthermore, he added the tests should only be conducted of the people who are showing the symptoms of coronavirus and it will be fought through social distancing and making hygiene a priority. Whereas Anne Longfield listed the importance of the regular COVID testing that will prevent the schools from closing again because of the virus outbreak. She also stated regular testing doesn’t mean carrying the tests daily, it should be done weekly so that if any cases are there to found, they can be discovered as soon as possible and it will be prevented from spreading further to other people.

What is plan B?

What are the people of the UK concerned about? There is no existence of a plan B for this pandemic. It is very likely to return during autumn and winters and affect hundreds and thousands of people. If it returns, shutting down educational institutes should be the last resort because that will end up ruining thousands of careers. Students will again get back to their practices. Not focusing that much on studies, getting work done from cheap essay writing service and getting involved in other activities, it will take their focus off the academics, which isn’t acceptable.

In the end,

It is essential to get the students back to the track, in the classroom because a generation of COVID cannot be afforded. After all, the entire future depends on these children!

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