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English is often known as one of the most difficult languages ​​to learn, but one thing that gives it a reputation for complexity is its spelling. Main issue is face by kids in 1st grade spellings. 

There are many inconsistencies and exceptions to spelling in English. If you don’t know the spelling of a word, it can be not easy to apply the logic. For example, the word “phone” sounds like it starts with an “f.” Still, the word “call” doesn’t sound like it starts with a “K.” When trying to memorize spelling, shortcuts may seem like few, but a combination of simple and old iterations and the tips and tricks in this article can help you get there quickly.

1. Learn the English rules

Learning English spelling rules may not be as easy as it sounds with the above exceptions, but at least you can start identifying common patterns and letter combinations so that spelling words can guess.

2. Know rule exceptions

After learning the rules, make sure you know the exceptions as well. For example, a frequently quoted rule is “I before E except after C.” However, this is not universally applicable, so you need to be careful about exceptions such as “strange” and “height” to avoid tripping.

3. Crosswords and codewords

A puzzle to train your brain is a good way to improve your general knowledge. There is also a good way to improve your spelling. Crosswords provide a set of clues that need to fit in overlapping horizontal and vertical boxes, while codewords look like crosswords, but you have to decide which number represents which letter. (That is, the inference must be based on known repeating characters such as words ending with “-ing”). If you misspell a crossword or keyword, other words will not fit, so it is recommended to have a dictionary.

4. Watch English TV with subtitles

If you learn while watching TV in English, you can improve your spelling without noticing it. Just turn on subtitles, and you’ll know the spelling of the Word you’re listening to. It’s too fast to take notes, but it learns through penetration. This allows you to identify cases where the Word you wrote is “incorrect” so you can look it up later until you find the spelling. Correct.

5. Read

Another fun way to learn spelling without realizing it is to read a lot in English. You can absorb new spelling and increase your vocabulary by regularly touching English words, but reading what you enjoy makes it easier to absorb this new information. Plots and characters are already familiar to you and release some of your mental abilities to focus on unfamiliar spelling, so you have an English version of the book. You can start by reading at. 1st grade spelling bee words are easy to learn if do regular practice. 

6. Mnemonic

Storage aids, or mnemonics, are a convenient way to help you learn more complex spellings, but trying to learn too many spellings can be confusing. For example, remembering that a “mouse” can remind us of the word “another”. It is a “cake piece.” Yet another is useful for “listening”. It means “listen with your ears.” You can even make small songs to help you with particularly difficult spellings. Since I learned the letters of the alphabet using songs when I was little, I can try a similar approach by applying the letters of difficult words to the music so that the spelling comes to my mind.

7. The Word was written email of the day.

Today’s word emails help you learn new words, but they also help you learn to spell. Such emails are generally intended to help you learn more unusual words that most English people don’t know, but of today’s words for Merriam-Webster English learners. So, there are some student-only words. The different meanings of the words, the context in which you can use them, and the spelling and pronunciation. Check your Word of the Day emails in a dedicated folder on your computer, or add new words to Post-it notes and paste them into the mirror to see what new words are ready. You go every morning.

8. Practice Spelling with friends

Do you know anyone else learning English? If so, why not try online portal? Give yourself spelled words in order, and you’ll be amazed at how well this integrates your knowledge. Competitive elements not only make it more fun but also help things sink more easily. You can start by editing the list using a dictionary to create a more complex list of spellings. Then memorize them and finally exchange the lists to test each other.

9. Online spelling quiz

If you don’t have friends to join Spelling Bee with, you can try one of the online spelling quizzes to test your spelling skills. It is an example of The Guardian, but a Google search for “spell quiz” reveals even more. If you make a mistake, check the correct spelling and write it down for future reference. You can practice your spelling issue on Spellquiz  and get accurate report.Conclusion: keep up with English magazines, newspapers, and news websites to get more English language into your daily reading. By knowing how to memorize vocabulary fast, you can improve your English.

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