Easy steps to make YouTube outro video in Canva

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Thinking of starting a YouTube channel? Well, then make sure it has a wow factor to it. If your YouTube video doesn’t have a unique feature, it will not be simple for you to make a mark for your channel. It is because YouTube is growing at a steady rate and every day people upload more than 500 videos on this platform.

So, to cut through the competition and ensure that you get more engagement and traffic on your channel, you need to use every feature that is at your disposal. That means, including outros in your video.

Intros and Outros are both imperative parts of your YouTube channel, which can help you get more traffic. In this blog, we will explore what is outro and how you can create one in Canva.

Outro- A brief explanation

A YouTube outro is crucial because it provides you with an option to include clear cut call-to-action (CTAs) to your YouTube videos. An outro is a clickable link to other videos you have or channel or your website or even to ask people to subscribe. It appears at the end of the video and is something that can help users engage with your channel for more duration. When a user stays on your channel for long, it benefits you by bringing more traffic and higher ranking on the search engine.

Requirements for adding outro

By now, we all understand why an outro is a crucial part of your channel. But to make it relevant and useful, you need to know some prerequisites for it. Like:

  • A creator can only add outro to a video if it is 25 seconds long.
  • 1920px X 1080px is the ideal size for a YouTube outro video.
  • The ratio is 16:9, and you need to maintain it if you want the outro to be visible on all screens with ease
  • The outro needs to be eight seconds long. It will help the viewers process the information fully without getting confused with other content
  • Never add more than four elements in your outro. Why? Because it will make it sloppy for your viewers.

How to create an outro using Canva?

With use of Canva, you can create enticing outros which will enable you to get more engagement and traffic on your channel. The outro making a feature of Canva is free, and it allows you to create an outro worth 60 seconds long.

The best part about using Canva is that it has an easy drag and drop interface, which makes it simple to create a beautiful and engaging outro. With so many templates to choose from which you can customize as per your needs, there is no tool better suited for both experts and amateur in designing.

To start making the outro, follow these steps:

  • Either use a template by searching for ‘YouTube outro’, or you can create an outro from scratch as well
  • Time to enter videos or images that you have. Keep in mind that Canva only supports JPG and PNG image files and MOV and MP4 video files. It does also support GIFs.
  • Add font, music, and animation from the library and make your outro more compelling
  • Your outro is ready. Download it and add it to your YouTube video with the help of a video editing tool.
  • With Canva, you never have to hire a designer to create an outro. They will guide you at every step, and you will have an outro which helps you grow your channel more.

Tips for creating a compelling outro

Outros, as we know, are crucial for the engaging audience. Thus, you must create one which is compelling enough to keep the audience hook to the channel. Of course, the video needs to be one of a kind too. So that people watch it till the end to come across the outro. Here are some things to keep in mind while creating an outro:

  • Make sure that you are aware of the end goal for creating an outro. Is it to grow your audience or lead them to a website? Knowing this is important if you want the CTA in the outro to have an impact.
  • Create a simple outro. If you add too many elements, it will complicate the message you are trying to convey.
  • The outro needs to be 8-minute long if you want viewers to get your message.

I cannot emphasize the importance of outros more. Every YouTube creator needs to learn the best ways to create one to get more traffic on their channel.

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