Choose the best vanity for your new bathroom design. Here’s how!

Bathroom Vanities Perth

Your flat needs a finished appearance with a carefully picked vanity unit that complements your bathroom’s decor. The current aesthetic of the rest of your home must extend to your bathroom. A vanity unit with a basin and under-sink storage can modernize the appearance of your bathroom. Additionally, it can give you a place to keep toiletries and other necessary stuff. The bathroom vanity units are available in a variety of designs and styles. Finding a bathroom vanity that will both complement your bathroom’s decor and not detract from the appearance of your new apartment is therefore necessary. In Perth, you have access to the full selection of vanity units. 

Perth locals have known and trusted Master Cabinets as the industry expert in bathroom supplies Perth for more than 30 years. Australian-produced Polytec is the material used to create our high-quality vanities and cabinets. We make every effort to collaborate with you to design a bathroom that meets your needs and aesthetic goals. From a plain, cramped tiny room, we’ll turn your place into something to be proud of.

Bathroom vanities constructed to order are a speciality of Master Cabinets, which serves all of Perth. We can assist you in searching for the best option, whether you require larger bathroom sink cabinets, extra storage space, or items constructed of sturdy waterproof materials. While our bathrooms are created to be luxurious, they are also functional and thoughtfully built to offer all the comforts you require.

How To Pick The Perfect Bathroom Vanity!

You must first comprehend the size of the space you are filling to determine which vanity will fit you best. Your bathroom vanity should be both beautiful and valuable. Consider everything you want to keep in the area and what type of vanity can provide that storage choice.

You may match the type of bathroom vanity units that are available to the space you need to fill and the amount of storage you currently require.

The Steps To Choosing A Bathroom Vanity

Consider Who Will Use It And How

The people who will use it and the things they will use it for should help you make your vanity decision.

For instance, you might consider double sink vanities if you’re remodelling an ensuite for you and your partner and both need a sink in the morning. However, your primary bathroom’s solitary vanity will do if you’re alone.

It would help if you also thought about how to use your vanities. If you enjoy doing your cosmetics and hair, you’ll need additional counter space and storage to accommodate the necessary tools.

Find The Location Of Your Plumbing System

Most likely, the plumbing in your bathroom will determine where your vanity is placed. Making Plumbing renovations are time- and money-consuming.

This implies that your plumbing will also have a say in deciding on a style. For instance, the standard plumbing design can be used in a floor-mounted vanity. A wall-mounted vanity, however, might need changing your sink’s plumbing connections. Moving the plumbing is manageable; it only depends on your needs and the project’s budget. It will be simpler and more straightforward for you to choose a vanity style if you work with the plumbing system already in place.

Examine Potential Obstacles To Ascertain Their Location And Size

Bathroom design changes are always possible. Walls and doors? That’s a bit more difficult. This restricts where you can position your Vanities Perth. When choosing a location, you should take into account the following:

Door swing: It could be more efficient and annoying if your bathroom door swings inward and smacks the vanity.

Are you choosing a shower without a curtain but one with a door? It would help to consider this additional swing when determining where to put your vanity.

Depending on your preference, the vanity should be in front of, next to, or distant from the toilet. When attempting to “go” will you run into the vanity?

Choose Your Sink’s Style

Don’t forget that the faucet and taps are only one sink component; you’ve probably spent a lot of time choosing them. Additionally, pay close attention to the bowl and how it will affect the design and practicality of your vanity.

Choosing the sink style you like most can take much work with many options. The ideal strategy is to determine how much counter space you need and how much should go toward the sink.

No matter the type, a sink will require some countertop space, but choosing carefully may reduce the impact.

Bathroom Vanities Perth
Image Source: Tuckplumbtec Austrailia


In this way, you can choose the best vanity for your bathroom design. 

With this step-by-step procedure as well as any other bathroom and kitchen design requirements, our design specialists can assist you. To have the vanity and toilet you’ve always wanted, you only need to make an appointment.