How To Keep Your Home Secure And Warm By Insulation?

Superglass Acoustic Insulation

With over 40 years of experience in the Insulation Industry Knauf Insulation is the most appropriate choice when it comes to performance.

Knauf performance plus Plasterboard 12.5mm, sometimes referred as stone wool, is an extremely versatile type of insulation which is utilised in many different ways.

Most people utilise the term Mineral Wool insulation however there are two types: Rock and Glass.

The Advantages Of Knauf Insulation

The name of the product suggests that they are made with different elements. This implies that they function differently. Thus, although you could use them interchangeably in some software, there are some which are more effective.


You can employ both types of Mineral Wool to attain high amounts of insulation. Rock Mineral Wool prevents a structure from losing heat or reaching this through the roof or walls. It uses less energy to heat or cool the structure, which means that cost for energy is lower.

Compressive Strength

Because of the way of production, Rock Mineral Wool has slightly shorter fibre strands relative to Glass Mineral Wool.

The strands that are longer offer Rock Mineral Wool greater compressive strength. This is the reason for products specifically designed for flat roofing are able to be used to maintain or install are made out of Rock Mineral Wool.

Fire Safety

Mineral Wool can be superior over other insulation materials with regard to safety in the event of a fire. Rock and Glass Mineral Wool are the most effective reactions of Euroclass Fire Classification of A1 (non-combustible) or A2 (limited the amount of the degree of combustibility).

The issue of resistance to fire is an additional element of fire safety. The definition in Fire Resistance is the amount of time an element, such as an inside wall or ceiling, is able to withstand the pressure of moving between the location of the fire and the next. In other words, a building with a 2 hour Fire Resistance will maintain its qualities for at least two hours.

Rock Mineral Wool has a melting temperature of over 1,000oC. It also slows down its transfer. This is the reason why the Rock Mineral Wool material is ideal for use in areas that require long durations in fire protection.

Noise Insulation

Contrary to other installations such as rigid foam boards rocks or Glass mineral wool is highly efficient in blocking out the sound. This is due to it being an unstructured fibre that blocks sound waves.

The insulation made of Rock Mineral Wool that has excellent acoustic properties, is perfect for floors, walls or roofs for noise-proofing and quieter structures.

Installation is Easy

Knauf soundshield plus products are durable and solid slabs that are easily installed. They’re designed to be able to fit into standard centres but they are able to be cut into the desired size using large bladed saws or a knife.

Since the slabs aren’t brittle, they can adjust to the imperfections of the substrate. They are also tight to ensure there aren’t gaps guaranteeing maximum thermal and fire security as well as high quality.

The Quality of The Indoor Air

kingspan greenguard
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Poor indoor air quality can affect the wellbeing of those who install and those who live in structures. One way to improve the quality of life is to avoid substances that release high quantities of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde.

Products from kingspan greenguard are manufactured with ECOSE(r) Technology, as and a binder made of bio that is free of formaldehyde, phenol, or formaldehyde.

Products manufactured using ECOSE(r) Technology produce low levels of dust and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and have earned the Eurofins Gold certificate for Indoor Air Comfort.

The insulation is from Rock Mineral Wool create using ECOSE(r) Technology that is soft to touch and simple to grip. It’s also eco-friendly, durable and long-lasting.

Find your Rock The Mineral Wool Solution

If Rock Mineral Wool is right for you, Knauf Soundshield plus plasterboard offer a vast array of products for applications ranging from floors, walls and roofs, to Industrial processes and HVAC equipment. The range of products includes

Different Insulation Types

Glass Mineral Wool

Our premium Glass Mineral Wool insulation solutions contain more than 80% of recycle materials that are high-quality. In addition, limestone, sand, and soda ash, which is then heat-treat through the heating process?

The glass that is melting is then into thousands of fine, fluffy strands of wool. We use our own innovative and unique bio-base Binder ECOSE(r) Technologies, in order to join the mineral wool to create a mat that is then drive to form the final product.

Its density determines whether it’s a lightweight quil, which is available in rolls or a slab that has a flexible structure or an unsupport slab, and its energy efficiency.

It is manufacture exactly the same way as Glass Mineral Wool however it is in a loose-fill format to be blow into cavity partitions and walls and timber frame ceilings and walls.

Rock Mineral Wool

Knauf safeboard wool insulation products are construct from volcanic rock, typically either basalt or dolomite. Most of them are from slag, which is a non-useable product from blast furnaces.

The raw materials are melt and transform into fine wool strands. They are then use as binders to join wool together to make an insulation mat that is then into wires or slabs.

Our products have be test in a variety of applications that are fireproof, with resistance times ranging between 30 and 240 mins and can help in the design of secure structures.


The properties that help save energy and improve the thermal performance of insulation helps keep structures warm during winter, and cool in summer.

The greater the disparity in temperatures between the inside and outside of a structure , the more quickly it’s capable of losing energy in the winter months , and to more in summer.

Products made of mineral wool aid to maintain a stable temperature within by reducing temperature transfer by conduction, convection, and radiation.

If a building is properly construct, it will save energy use by the heating system when heating a cold structure as well as from cooling systems that cool the warm structure.


Acoustic insulation’s properties provide a more comfortable indoor space for the building’s occupants.

The protection again noise is crucial for the “quality of living” that living spaces provide as well as a hygienic well-being and a pleasant space in schools, hospitals, offices and other structures that are not consider to be domestic.

Mineral wool insulation products offer the most effective levels of sound and noise reduction in new construction, or in existing structures by retrofits that provide superior quality noise insulation as well as acoustic comfort.


Insulation can result in warm, dry indoor spaces and structures, and it can have a an impact on the general health and well-being of individuals who utilise them.

By preventing air leaks that are uncontrol condensation, and the potential of mildew, spores and various Microbial organic compounds, an airtight, well-insulate and airtight enclosure of a building can also help improve the well-being of the building, especially when it is pair with the effective installation of solutions as well as a control air-conditioning system.

Rw3100mm Insulation solutions provide all these advantages and more due to the ECOSE(r) Technology we employ. ECOSE(r)

Technology can enable the best quality of air indoors. They were also the first to receive an Eurofins Gold Certificate for Indoor Air Comfort.

Etics Using Mineral Wool From Knauf Insulation Of Homes

Mineral Wool Knauf Fire Panel 12.5mmpanels PTP-S-035 was select for the installation of the insulation system in addition to being compliant with rules currently in effect.

The panels are compact and are non-combustible (Euroclass A1) They also feature Primer on one side. They are also very easy handling because of the homogeneity of mechanical advantages on all sides ecotherm eco versal.

The character that is Knauf Insulation Mineral Wool permits the Planner to be completely free in design, and it utilises the full spectrum of colours for the exterior. This means that you will pay less for maintenance later on due to its exceptional durability.

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