Why Should Businesses Stop Trying To Delight Their Consumers


Most brands would go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of the Delight consumers; be it a telecom service provider or an service provider. But this practice isn’t exactly healthy. Some experts believe that always delighting your consumers can impact their loyalty to your business.

If you’re confused about why you should stop trying to delight your consumers, we’ve got the answer for that. Read on to know more.

Why delighting your consumers is unsustainable?

“Customer delight indicates an element of surprise, which requires businesses to exceed expectations”, believe Jared Smith, an expert for Myassignmenthelp. And while that can help nurture a positive emotional reaction, it is not sustainable.

By seeking to delight instead of satisfying, you’ll only invite more trouble. Consumers will inevitably expect a new level of service that has captured their attention. This will lead you to invest more to again exceed their expectations. It’s a vicious circle that invites higher costs for little proportional gain.

But even that doesn’t let you off the hook in terms of customer experience. Just because it might not be as advantageous as you’d think to delight consumers, you still need to emphasise on offering a great service. Consumers have high expectations, and you need to meet them. This whole process makes delighting your consumers unsustainable.

What should businesses do instead of delighting consumers?

Now, you may feel wonder how to keep your customers engaged if you are not going to delight them.

Often customer service interactions are more likely to encourage disloyalty than loyalty. Customers may expect things without any effort on their part. So, when anything goes wrong, and they’ll to reach out to support, and you’re already at a disadvantage.

In such situations, it’d be wise to make things easy for your customers over trying to amaze them. Instead of focusing on exceeding their expectations, make sure you’re meeting the expectations efficiently, and with minimal consumer effort. The answer to promoting customer loyalty and satisfaction is making your customer experience as seamless, effortless, and simple as possible.

In this case, the emphasis should always be on engagement. That means businesses should have strategies around engagement and implement technologies that enable engagement. To maintain engagement, businesses need to continually innovate and think outside the box.

Creating customer delight can promote positive emotions. But customer delight isn’t useful for every single consumer interaction. The focus has to be on solving customer problems first and delighting them (on occasion) second.

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