3 Simple Ways to Take Proper Care of Tokay Gecko

Tokay Gecko

Every person heard about geckos, but the type of Tokay Gecko that you are going to know here is different from others. The particular type of geckos is large in size, nocturnal, and they are almost unique reptiles. These reptiles or geckos are present in different bright colors, which make them beautiful and lovable. When it comes to taking care of your gecko properly, then there are certain things on which you need to pay attention. Firstly, one has to set a tank, feed with appropriate foods, and fulfill all their needs.

The food that can be used for feeding the tokay is present in different forms and types. Among all foods, the best and most preferable is Dubia Roaches. These are the small insects that are used to feed chameleons, bearded dragons, and tarantulas, including all types of geckos. The Dubia Roach is known by its several other names called Guyana spotted roach, orange-spotted roach, and Argentinian wood roach. It is a species of cockroach that is of medium-sized and their growth is up to 40-45 mm.

3 ways to feed and take of your tokay gecko

Well, it’s time to know the 3 methods that can help you in taking proper care of your pet that is a tokay gecko. Also, by going through these ways, you become able to understand which food is perfect for feeding the particular reptile and what their needs are or how to fulfill them. So, everyone who is interesting in getting a gecko should understand and follow the 3 simple ways described below.

Make the right environment – 

It is the most important way that matters a lot when its time to take proper care of our gecko at home. You need to maintain an environment like its natural to the tokay gecko. Firstly, you have to purchase an aquarium, which mainly comes with a screen lid. It’s because the geckos love more places. For a single tokay gecko, the 10 gallons or you can say 38 liters tank is right. One can choose the tank which has a sliding door. As these geckos are aggressive, one can only keep together only two. Also, one has to keep a male and female combination because if there is male and male, then they fight each other.

 Put substrate downside of the aquarium – 

It is important for you to place a paper towel, a black and white newspaper downside. These are the good substrate, and it is important because after then, the gecko can burrow in. You need to make a 2.5 to 5 cm layer at the bottom cage. Keep the main thing in mind that you don’t have to keep the colored ink as it contains chemicals, and that can be harmful to the tokay. After then, one has to focus on adding cypress mulch or orchid bark at the top of the substrate. The next step is adding a heat source and create a basking spot. Likewise, there are plenty of things that one can add to making everything easier and perfect for the Tokay gecko.

Feeding the gecko –

It’s the most important thing to make a deal with when you have to feed your geckos perfectly. First of all, you have to mist lukewarm water for the drinking of gecko. The water you are added to the aquarium must be clean. Geckos love to eat live insects. So, the best way for you is to just buy live insects like Dubia roaches for your geckos and feed them. Also, when feeding with live insects, you need to add vitamins.

So, all such are the best and main 3 ways that help you in taking proper care of tokay geckos and give them the right food.

Healthy food for Tokay Gecko

Tokay geckos are insectivores, which means their weight loss plan consists specifically of bugs. Here are some healthy ingredients you may feed your Tokay Gecko:

Crickets: A staple food for Tokay geckos, crickets are an amazing supply of protein and vital vitamins. Choose crickets that are no larger than the width of your gecko’s head to keep away from choking.

Dubia roaches: Another nutritious choice, Dubia roaches are a good source of protein and gut-loadable with vitamins and minerals.

Superworms: A fatty treat, superworms ought to be fed on occasion as they are excessive in fats.

Mealworms: Similar to superworms, mealworms need to be fed sparingly due to their excessive-fats content material.

Waxworms: Another occasional treat, waxworms are very excessive in fat and have to most effective be fed a few times a month.

Grasshoppers: A good range to provide to your gecko, grasshoppers offer protein and other nutrients.

Important Feeding Tips:

Gut loading: Before feeding any feeder bugs in your gecko, intestine-load them with nutritious ingredients like fruits, greens, and industrial intestine-loading formulas. This ensures your gecko receives the nutrients and minerals it desires.

Supplements: Dust your feeder insects with a calcium complement with D3 at the least 3 times a week for juveniles and as soon as every week for adults. You also can dirt them with a multivitamin complement as soon as per week.

Variety: Offer your gecko numerous feeder bugs to make certain a balanced weight loss program.

Size: The feeder bugs you offer ought to not be larger than the width of your gecko’s head.

Feeding frequency: Juvenile Tokay geckos need to be fed every day, whilst adults may be fed each other day or every 3 days.

Last words

Apart from the above-mentioned information, there are some significant things also present by which one has to make a deal with. They need to clean the tank daily, one has to use the humidity overnight, or handle the gecko if they know. It’s the only way to make your tokay gecko feel good and happy. Also, if everything is perfect, like the environment and food, then your gecko lives a great and long life.