WordPress dominates a heavy range in the total number of websites

What is WordPress and 8 Benefits of Using WordPress

Many websites are running all over the internet and many of them are famous all over the world. Are you know that WordPress dominates one-third number of total websites in the world? Yes, it is true WordPress empowers about one-third of websites from the total number of running websites in the World. Only here users can download and install site builder and content management for free. For some years, WordPress is the most popular content management system because of its unique and easy to use features. Users can very easily handle all the features of WordPress without knowing too much technical knowledge. WordPress is a very simple way to create and run a website without cost. So, if you want to make a blog or small website with an impressive look then WordPress is the best choice for you. Here, you will easily customize your site and easily use all the features and plugins that you need to create a proper website.

Top 8 Benefits of using WordPress is really awesome

Here 8 reasons that are very beneficial if you choose WordPress. So, choose WordPress to set up and run your business or personal website.

For changing needs, WordPress is Flexible and adaptable

WordPress is used for large Multinational Corporations to run complex sites, manage a small business, and create personal blogs. WordPress sites can contain a complete eCommerce store, portfolio, or host a social network group or podcast. WordPress offers the core package and a variety of basic and premium plugins that are suitable for your website and your website’s requirement will be complete if you choose WordPress. WordPress is adaptable to a company’s changing needs and every user will get a huge pack of themes and easy access to its source files. WordPress powers a wide range of websites and provides a huge platform to create a website with ease. WordPress is complete flexible, 100% customizable and adaptable as compared to other technologies.

Easily use for beginners

If you choose WordPress then it is installed, set up, and run in just a few minutes. You did not need to know more technical knowledge because it is user friendly and a beginner will also use it without any hesitation. But you have to need a domain name and a WordPress hosting account because WordPress can be installed free with the help of your WordPress hosting. You will get all the features needed to customize a site’s heading, layout, and start creating pages and posts. You can use it from anywhere in the world and from any computer you have.

Multiple options of themes offering in WordPress

WordPress themes offer wide choices to users that help in the appearance and function of a new site. You will get a very large bundle or directory of the basic and premium of themes. You can use many themes directly through WordPress theme Directory but many of the themes can be purchased through design marketplaces and third-party designers from all over the world. All the themes that you want can be previewed live and install at any time. You can see the changes in layout and your WordPress website’s look.

Plugins extend the functionality

Normally WordPress includes all the elements and services needed to create a basic website, but many users want to create a more specialized website with special functions. The WordPress plugin directory offers hundreds of plugins that allow users to create a more featuring website. You can add cart, galleries, contact forms, and many more compatible WordPress sites. Users can purchase many plugins from third-party and can be activated or deactivate as per your website needs.

WordPress Sites can Rank Higher on search engines

WordPress site can easily rank higher on search engines because it gives a tool name as Searchability. WordPress sites can be rank higher because of their Keywords, regular updates and variety of tools and plugins use for optimizing content for search engine optimization.

WordPress Websites are Mobile responsive and attractive

If your website is mobile responsive then it will affect your rank on search engines. Your website needs to look good and attractive on any device. WordPress offers many themes that responsive to any devices and users can make the website responsive with plugins for making their website mobile responsive.

A “Built-In” Blog offered by WordPress

WordPress has many features that make publishing very easy and this is the reason for WordPress is a content management system software. You will get a Built-in blog that you can access from any device at any time. This will help you to add a blog at any time without creating a separate.  

The Support system of WordPress

As you know that WordPress is free and open-source then its community is responsible for making changes and keeping WordPress updated and secure. So, if you ever need technicians then you can mail it or go to WordPress’s official website and contact it for solving your issue. All the benefits of WordPress are listed above. If you want to create a WordPress website then all of the above-listed benefits are helpful for you. So, start blogging with WordPress without spending any cost. You start your wordpress blog on the official site of wordpress, or you can buy your own wordpress hosting if you have knowledge of starting a hosting with domain. Generally, a cheap wordpres hosting offer works for you in just few bucks to start your personal website of small scale. You can also buy a VPS or dedicated hosting for Big platform websites like eCommerce website.  So, you can go with wordpress with blind eyes and the reasons discuss above support dominates a heavy range of websites in wordpress technology.