Why is my Tplink AC1750 Extender not working? Fix it


These days the internet is so important. Without the internet, we can’t perform our activities that are based on the internet. So to use a high-speed internet connection you can use a wireless router. But it will not be capable of providing a wide range of coverage. In order to extend the network range of your wireless router, you can use the Tplink AC1750 Extender. That provides a high-speed connection, By covering all the dead zones areas. The dual-band frequencies allow you to enhance the network more widely and by repeating the signal over a large and wide area.

If you are frustrated by not getting proper range coverage of your traditional router. It’s time to install a tplinkrepeater in your house. It will catch the signal and spread over to the dead zones and provide a high-speed connection, By killing the dead zones. You can easily complete the configuration of your Tplink AC1750 Extender by using the WPS button. Just need to press the WPS button for 5 seconds and do the same to your wireless router. In this way, your repeater will easily configure with your wireless router. But sometimes the repeater shows some error like repeater not working, Not extending the network. So here are some simple solutions to fix the issue.

Why is the Tplink AC1750 Extender not working?

The Tplink AC1750 Extender comes along with external antennas that will extend the network of your house. Just by catching the 10% of the signal. This is a multi-function router that has many advanced features. In order to complete the configuration online. You must access the online login portal by using the default IP Address 1.254/192.168. 0.254 or login password. So here. We are going to fix the not working issue. Here are some reasons.

Attach power cable correctly

Be sure that your repeater is connected to the power source. You must ensure that the electric socket is working. If still the repeater is not turning “ON ” try to connect with any other electric socket and check the power adapter. Unplug all the connected cables of your repeater including the power adaptor. Then, wait for some time and connect the power cable into a working electrical outlet and connect all the cables.

Check ethernet connection

If you are using a wired connection between your router and Tplink AC1750 Extender. You must need to ensure that your repeater is connected with a working ethernet cable. The sound of a tick comes out when the cable is inserted properly into the port. That means the cable is attached correctly. You can also establish a wireless connection between your repeater and router. To fix this kind of issue.

Place extender near the router

If your extender is not in the range of your wireless router. Then due to poor network range coverage, this kind of issue can occur. In order to fix the issue, You must check the signal coverage. By verifying the LED indicators of your wireless extender. Place your wireless extender at the nearby location of your wireless router and power it “ON”. Now check the connection status on the LED indicator of your extender.

Perform a restart to Tplink AC1750 Extender

Unplug all the connected wires of your wireless extender and wait for 5 minutes. Then simply insert all the cables including the power cable and power it on. Your extender will restart automatically. Sometimes the restart process can also fix this kind of issue. If you are still facing the same issue you can go for a factory reset.

Factory reset Tplink AC1750 Extender

Before performing the reset process. It’s better to know that after TP-Link AC1750 Extender reset will lose all the saved and configured settings. You need to perform the configuration of your repeater once again. To reset the extender. In working mode, Press the small reset button for 10 seconds. Which is available on the backside of your wireless repeater. Your repeater will enter the factory reset mode. All the settings will be set as default.

In this way by performing a factory reset you can easily fix the issue.