Where to find an orthopedic surgeon in Lahore?

Orthopedic Surgeon

Do you know how important the bones are? Bones let us move, sit, stand, run, and do every locomotive action. A little injury or pain in the joint can disturb your daily tasks. So to run these routine tasks smoothly we need to take special care of our bones. Bones and joints may get some issues due to injury or disease. Joint diseases develop with the passing age. Orthopedic surgeons help to overcome these issues. When you feel pain in your joints that intensifies day by day. Then immediately go to see an orthopedic surgeon. 

An orthopedic surgeon in Lahore helps to diagnose the issue and recommend the proper solution. The first treat the pain with medicines if it doesn’t diminish then they recommend surgery. But where to find a best orthopedic surgeon in Lahore? Here we gathered the name of few well known and well qualified orthopedic surgeons with a great experience. They will help to get relief from orthopedic issues for sure. 

Prof.Dr. M A Wajid

Dr. M A Wajid is counted among the famous orthopedic surgeons in Lahore. His unmatchable expertise and qualification make him the best orthopedic surgeon in Lahore. He did MBBS from Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore and FRCS from the UK in Trauma and Orthopedics. Along with practicing orthopedics he also has 20 years of experience in teaching as a professor. He’s been teaching as a professor of orthopedic surgery in Shalamar medical and dental college Lahore. At Agha Khan University he is a visiting orthopedic surgeon and former head as well. Currently, you can find him at the National Hospital in defense, Lahore. His main area of interest is keyhole surgery, Acetabular, routine trauma, joint replacement, and sports injuries. 

Dr. Muhammad Bilal

Over 15 years of experience Dr.  Muhammad Bilal is a well-qualified orthopedic surgeon. He’s a shoulder surgery specialist who did his MBBS from Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore. Further studies like MRCS and FRCS he did from England. Whereas he did FCPS from the college of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. If we talk about his experience it is huge and multiple. He worked as an associate professor of orthopedics at Amina Inayat Medical College, Lahore. As a specialist registrar of orthopedics at Buckinghamshire NHS Trust, Robert Jones, and Agnes Hunt Hospital Oswestry and Watford General Hospital. In the UK he worked as SHO orthopedics and trauma at North Manchester General Hospital and Southport District general hospital. At Jinnah hospital, he worked as a training registrar and house officer.

Dr. Usman Ahmed

Dr. Usman Ahmed is MBBS and MS ortho. He is working as an orthopedic surgeon in Lahore for 20 years. He is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. He did MBBS from Allama Iqbal Medical College and MS from the University of health sciences, Lahore. In the children’s hospital and Ittefaq hospital in Lahore, he gained experience as an orthopedic surgeon. He is a very skillful surgeon and got the expertise to handle complex pediatric orthopedic surgeries. You can get an appointment to meet him in Niazi hospital Lahore. 

Prof. Dr. Tahseen Riaz

With a huge experience of 35 years, Prof. Dr. Tahseen Riaz is counted among the most senior orthopedic surgeon in Lahore. He did his MBBS from Punjab medical college in Faisalabad and FCPS from the college of physicians and surgeons. Currently, he is practicing at Doctors hospital Lahore. His areas of specialty are PRP injections, knee joint replacement, pelvic, spine, and joint reconstruction. Also, he is an expert in treating limbs, pelvis, and hip. He is a member of Pakistan, American, Sicot, and European orthopedic association. Also, he is an associate professor of orthopedic surgery at Allama Iqbal Medical College. Prof. Dr. Tahseen Riaz is a director of the trauma center Jinnah hospital.

Dr. Abdullah Farooq Khan

Dr. Abdullah Farooq Khan is an orthopedic surgeon in Lahore working at Farooq hospital. His experience of 31 years makes him the best surgeon. He did his MBBS from Islamia University in Bahawalpur. MS from the renowned university of Lahore, Punjab University. Went to the UK for MRCS from the Royal College of Surgeons. You can get benefit from his long term experience and expertise to get your orthopedic issues fixed. 

Dr. Imran Qadeer Dar

Finding an expert orthopedic surgeon with such a huge experience is difficult. Dr. Imran Qadeer Dar is one of those famous surgeons in Lahore who got 25 years of experience in the field of orthopedics on multiple designations. He did MBBS from Rawalpindi Medical College. ATLS instructor from the American college of surgeons, Saudi Arabian Chapter. From the Royal College of Surgeons, he did FRCS. He worked as a director, tutor, and examiner in the orthopedic residency program for Saudi Council for health specialties. Also worked as a senior medical officer at Livingstone hospital, port Elizabeth, South Africa. He was a consultant orthopedic surgeon in Fahad Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah. And served as deputy chairman at Alhada Hospital. 

Dr. Saeed Taj Din

Dr. Saeed Taj Din is practicing in his field of orthopedics for 12 years. He graduated with an MBBS degree from Hamdard College of Medicine and Dentistry, Karachi. Then he did FCPS from the college of physicians and surgeons. Finally, he did MRCP l and ll from the Royal College of Surgeon Edinburgh. He worked as an assistant professor at Azra Naheed Medical College, Lahore. As Ex senior registrar of orthopedic surgery at Fatima memorial hospital. If you have any problem regarding bone deformity, hip or knee joint replacement, fractures, and other bone issues contact Dr. Saeed Taj Din for consultation. 


So here we have a few important names of an orthopedic surgeon in Lahore. All of these are experts in their work. Don’t wait to book an appointment for yourself if you get any orthopedic issues. Go to see the orthopedic surgeon nearest to your location and get your problem fixed. Because bones makes us strong. Nothing is more precious than a healthy and strong life

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