What things you should keep in mind to choose the right earrings?


The right earrings are able to emphasize not only any outfit, but also the natural beauty of a woman. With their help you can emphasize your clothing, skin color or face shape, they also make the image more visible and expressive. Earrings can give a woman beauty and extravagance. There are many types of earrings: carnations, studs, necklaces, piercing earrings, etc.

1. Earrings according to the face

How to choose the right earrings according to the face? Stylists distinguish 7 face shapes: oval, elongated oval, circle, triangle, inverted triangle, square, rhombus.

  • Elongated earrings with antique necklace Set Online set online visually dilate the face and neck. They should be worn by chubby women with a short neck.
  • With geometric style earrings, straight strokes look sharper. These earrings have the ability to sharpen facial features.
  • An angular face can be “softened” with the help of round or oval earrings.
  • With a triangle face, round earrings will look more harmonious. 
  • With a square face, long and voluminous earrings are suitable. Large earrings draw attention to the face. When wearing them, it is important to remember a simple rule: you cannot wear a necklace on large earrings; otherwise it will have a hideous effect.

2. Earrings according to age

How to choose the right earrings based on age. A beautiful woman wants to be charming at any age, earrings can help with this. For women over 60, it is best to choose earrings with embossed stones. Decorations that will attract attention and shift attention to themselves. Smooth surface earrings with small inserts are suitable for young girls. Such earrings will not attract too much attention to themselves and, what is important; emphasize the tenderness and beauty of the skin.

3. Earrings based on hair color and skin tone

As for the hair color, pastel light shades are suitable for blondes, earrings with bright stones are suitable for brunettes and red-haired girls, brown-haired women should choose earrings with colored inserts of warm colors and blonde girls are suitable for the entire color range, depending on the shade of the hair.

The skin tone is important for choosing the right earrings. For a girl with a warm skin tone it is better to choose earrings in bronze and gold colors, and the cold skin tone is beautifully combined with jewelry with a cold metallic sheen.

4. Earrings according to the style of clothing

When choosing imitation earrings set online, consider the style of clothing you plan to wear them with. Of course, young ladies can afford extreme fickleness and any costume jewelry even with the sporty style: long oriental-style earrings or large shiny plastic earrings. Adult women need to adhere to the rule: expensive, high-quality and moderately bulky. For this type of women, the small earrings, the girlish elements are unacceptable. Adult women should choose earrings with precious stones.

5. Earrings according to the hairstyle

  • High hairstyles, where the neck and ears are visible, are perfect long earrings with pendants, or chain earrings.
  • For hair gathered on the back of the head, long and refined earrings are suitable. In case the ears are exposed, you can wear stud earrings or round earrings.
  • For voluminous hairstyles with waves and curls, bright earrings are perfect.
  • Long flowing hair. Perfectly combined with a small pendant or ear studs.

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