How to select the Best International Dubai School in for your child?

Dubai School

If you have landed upon this article as a parent, you are surely looking for the prerequisites to select the best international Dubai School for your child. From teaching faculty to campus, a lot of characteristics are to be analysed to select that one school that focuses on the all-round development of your child and individual growth. 

Key Points a parent needs to keep in mind before selecting Dubai School

Below mentioned are some of the key points a parent needs to keep in mind before selecting Dubai International School:

Holistic Development

Holistic development means the overall development of the child. The complete explanation of this word means developing not only mentally, but physically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally. With the changing times, the emotional parameters have been redefined. Your intelligence quotient must equate to your emotional quotient. If a person excels in their academics but cannot keep emotions in control, he/she will surely face obstacles in life. Similarly, physical fitness is an equally important characteristic in our day-to-day lives as it helps us in staying away from obesity, diseases, and illnesses. Social connections help in building confidence and support each other during tough times.

Modern Approach

The old traditional method of teaching isn’t acceptable anymore. With the world turning into a global village, many new modern techniques of teaching have been shared across and have been accepted by all the schools. Learning by experiments and practical experiences is the new normal for schools. The old method of mugging up lines and judging the student’s intelligence based on their grades has been deleted from the official rulebook of the school. With technological advancements, most of the schools have digital classrooms to make the student’s experience better.


One of the key elements of the school is its visiting faculty. If the whole school is well designed to meet the needs of students with a structured syllabus, they will progress only if the teaching faculty is experienced and well aware of how to treat students. They need to have a proper understanding of the psyche of students and a proper way to treat the special ones. If they aren’t able to explain the topics properly or aren’t able to induce good values in children, the student’s overall development can get hampered.

Montessori Approach

Global Indian International school is one of the few schools to follow the Montessori Approach. The Montessori approach to education was promoted by the physician Maria Montessori. The model supports a well-equipped environment for students to learn and grow at their own speed. There are different activity stations placed, and students can select any activity based on their area of interest.

The whole thought process behind this approach is that each student is unique, and all the students deserve an equal amount of care and respect. They develop social skills while working with each other and learning, sharing, caring, and supporting each other. In an independent environment, the child learns self-discipline and can control his emotions on his own. GIIS is one of those schools that ensures provision of an independent environment for students to grow. Find all about the Dubai School Admission online.