Machine Learning: The Present Meaning and Future Possibilities

Machine learning The present meaning & future possibilities a

You might not realize but you already know a lot about machine learning, artificial intelligence and applications working on it. You have been using these technologies on a daily basis. The features from facial recognition to emojis, all of it, machine learning is the core of numerous innovations that are being developed. These functions are made by smartphone manufacturers, tech companies, and software builders.

Earlier these things were just found in books, and Jarvis was the only artificial intelligence experiment that we could see. Now with evolution, the fictional robot is not the machine learning model that we look up to. We are quite close to not knowing the difference between real and artificial. While we can see where the technology has reached, here we are going to explain the present and the future possibilities of machine learning. This read is even for beginners, so scroll down and find the meaning and possibilities without any prior knowledge of it.

The Present of Machine Learning

We use machine learning on a daily basis, here are some of the common applications:

  • Virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, etc.
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo and other similar search engines
  • Cortana, designed by Microsoft
  • Self-driving cars
  • Spam detection
  • Photo tagging on Facebook
  • Fraud detection
  • Language translation on Google

This technology is not always as big as we think of it to be. There are plenty of small inventions that we use on a daily basis, and those have machine learning implanted in its core. You will understand it if you will think about it, all the smartphones have multiple applications that work on machine learning. If you take the example of Google Assistant then from saying Okay Google to the unlocking of the device with facial recognition, all of these small technologies use machine learning. But these APIs have a limitation that they can only predict the user data that is available. These APIs cannot be enabled to learn from the actions. All the training of the algorithm of machine learning happens on a server which has several GPUs integrated. The process of learning takes quite some time, if you have a strong server even then it will take multiple days for the algorithm to get processed. It takes a couple of weeks on a computer, and might take forever on a smartphone.

Applications of Machine Learning

We are going to mention some of the applications of machine learning that we use on a daily basis without the knowledge of it working on that technology. This list is just to make you aware of the fact that how it has evolved, and how we have started depending upon it. Let us see some of these applications:

  • If you will check out the gallery application of your smartphone then you will see that there is a photo recognition feature in it. This feature organizes the related pictures in an album with the use of face recognition API.
  • On your smartphone, the keyboard is made to do the learning. As soon as you start typing, you will see that suggestions have started coming up on the keyboard. The suggestions are different for every individual and it learns from your use of words on a frequent basis, and your habits.
  • You already know about face recognition technology, machine learning is so advanced with this feature that it recognizes you even if you are wearing sunglasses or are in a dim light.
  • One of the best examples of motion detection are the smartwatches. It reads your heartbeat with the machine learning algorithm.

The Future of Machine Learning

With the machine learning algorithm, the engineers have come a long way and there is a lot that has still to be achieved. Recently, Google has made a model for Smart Reply. With the model, the messages are processed and a reply is created. Right now, the model is implemented on a beginner level but we can see some advanced implementation in the future. With the proper training of this model, Google believes that this feature can give exceptional results. The possibilities of machine learning are endless in the future, and that is why it has got a lot popular for the beginners. The scope goes from self driving cars to receiving of ads as per the preferences and habits of ad viewing.  All of it gets modified on in a custom manner depending upon the individual. In the future, machine learning is going to analyze all the moves and offer a much more feasible and easier environment to the users.


Though machine learning has already evolved so much, it has been evolving on a daily basis at a rapid speed. The use of it from a small program to such big innovations, machine learning has come a long way. The development is not going to stop so soon, it is going to be one of the most important aspects of technology in the near future.

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