Kada- An essential jewellery Addition for Men


Brass Kada are one of the most-shopped jewellery in men’s categories, and these have been around for centuries in our country! These are versatile jewellery options made from precious metals like gold and platinum, and these will subtly keep your fashion in check every day!  

Various styles Brass Relegious of Kada

While there are lots of styles of kada, they can be broadly categorized into the following:

1. Solid gold kada for men:

Solid gold kada is the most preferred and popular types of kada for men and is the perfect choice for anyone wanting a traditional option. These kadas are made from 22 K gold and most people choose kadas made from yellow gold. These will go great with both traditional and casual outfits and can be worn as an everyday jewellery option. 

2. Flexible gold kada for men:

These gold kada for men are made of golden links and patterns and are connected with a gold S-hook clasp. These are a very popular type of gold kada for men and the fashion has been around for decades. These chic kadas go great with western and Indian attires. 

3. Kadas with Rudraksha:

If you are looking for more traditional designs for kada for men, then you could check out gold kadas with rudraksha. These kada for men contain intricately carved designs that are decorated with rudrakshas. These come in both flexible and solid designs and can be worn for festivals, religious occasions, and even as an everyday jewellery option.

4. Religious kada for men :

If you are specifically looking for kadas to wear on religious occasions and festivals, then you could go for more religious options. These kada for men include Om Namah Shivay, Padmanabha designs, and many more, and these go perfectly with most traditional attires and occasions. Moreover, most of these religious designs come in yellow, white, and rose gold metal colours, and you can choose one that suits your outfit. 

5. Antique designs :

Go for something more royal-looking and grand with kadas containing antique designs! These kada for men are beautifully crafted, picturing traditional patterns and elements like elephants, lions, tigers, and more, and these would not fail to provide a touch of royalty to the wearer’s outfit. These kada for men usually go with traditional attires, but subtler antique designs can be worn with casual attires. 

6. Dual toned kadas:

Blend the charm of more than one metal colours of gold with a dual-toned kada for menThese kadas would contain a base metal colour with the other coloured metal on the surface following a pattern or design. These kadas are great for casual, everyday outfits and can be worn every day. Moreover, just like couple ringsif you are planning on purchasing a couple’s kadas, then dual-toned ones would be perfect!

7. Platinum Kadas :

If you want to try something different from popular metal preferences, then why not go for platinum kada for men instead of gold! These kada for men have a unique shine and feel and would suit any occasion and outfits!

Platinum and gold kada for men are widely seen as a symbol of luxury and power. Therefore, find one that suits your personal style and taste and add one into your jewellery collection now!