How to Extend the Life of Cut Rose Flower Bouquets

Rose Flower Bouquets

A cut rose flower bouquets create an exceptional environment in the interior. It fills the air with an exceptionally delicate and captivating aroma. Unfortunately, the beauty of these fantastic flowers is short-lived, and these flowers withered quickly. Most of the time, roses placed in a vase drop their heads the next day. 

Don’t be upset, considering the short life of the flowers. Here we mentioned a few fantastic tips that will ensure the long-lasting life of the rose flowers. 

Tips for Prolong Life of Rose Bouquet

Here are a few simple tricks that will help prolong the life of these gentle and charming rose flowers. So, if you are planning to buy rose flowers for your house or send a rose flower bouquet for your loved ones, these tips help you make your bouquet fresh for longer. Also, you can share these tips with your loved ones so they can see beautiful & fresh flowers for more time.

If the Rose Flowers Bought from Frozen Stage

If you buy roses from the frozen stage, it is advised not to put these flowers immediately into the water. First, keep the flowers in a dark place for at least half an hour till the flowers gain room temperature. 

Trim the Stems for Rose Flowers

Do you know rose flowers absorb lots of water? By trimming the stems, flowers can absorb moisture as per the need. So before placing the flowers into the vase, trim the stems in a diagonal shape.

To trim the rose flowers, you can take hot water in a bowl and use a sharp knife to cut the stems in an oblique shape. Cutting the flowers into the water will prevent air bubbles from clogging the stem capillary system, and the diagonal cut will ensure maximum water absorption.

Before putting the flower into the vase, ensure that there should not be any thorns or leaves on the stem on the portion which is dipped into the water. Also, clean the flower stems (including thorns, leaves, and stems) properly in the running water to avoid growing bacteria in the vase.

Choosing the Right Flower Vase and Perfect Place for a Bouquet:

For rose flower bouquets, choose a tall flower vase so that it can dip half height of the stems into the water.

To make roses fresh for longer, we need to provide moist air and required coiling, and with tall flower bouquets, flowers can absorb air properly. For cooling, the flower base should be placed far away from the open window so that it can not come into contact with direct sunlight and heat-releasing equipment like TV, computer, refrigerator, etc., as these flowers can not tolerate direct sunlight.

Use of Water in the Vase

Water plays an essential role in improving the lives of the flowers. So when you fill the bouquet with water, ensure that it should be 5cm below the edges. Also, take care that it does not fill water from the direct tap or fresh water; use boiled water or standing water in the vase.

For rose flowers, water is used in summer and winter at different temperatures. In the summer season, flowers are placed in cold water; in the winter, it should be the opposite of warm water. You can only use hot or cold water accordingly to give flowers longer life as small changes in water temperature do not affect much.

Try changing the water in the bouquet daily to make the rose stand for as long as possible. Remember to spray the flowers throughout the day, especially in hot weather.

Additive to Water

To ensure the flower’s long life, you can use an additive in the water, such as dissolving two teaspoons of sugar in one liter of water. It will help to prolong the life of flowers slightly. This easy trick is not only helpful for roses but other flowers too. 

You can use medicines like aspirin tablets in the water or you can also use a drop of dish soap or bleach into the base, which helps prevent growing bacteria and kill the bacteria in the water. It will also help contaminate the water and infect the plant’s stems.

At Night

It is better to leave the roses overnight in a cool, moist, dark place. It is ideal for immersing the flowers in a tub or basin filled with cold water. The plants will get a new look by staying overnight.


Some flowers do not tolerate being close to each other at all. Like a true woman, Rose does not like competition; the best part is that she is left alone. She will never be found in a bouquet with carnations, lilies, or lilies of the valley. 

In addition, it is also not recommended to keep them in the same room. It is best to keep the rose bouquet separate from other flowers.


Withered flowers can be revived by giving a bath to them. Be sure to cut the stem after the proper cleaning. However, do not over water flowers with white buds – the petals will acquire an unpleasant white color.

Another way is to create a steam effect. Place each bud in a plastic bag, securing it to the stem, and leave the flowers overnight in such a greenhouse. In the morning, the buds will appear in a new form.

A somewhat radical way to revive bouquets is to place the stem a few centimeters in a container with boiling water and dissolve a small amount of glucose. In this case, the buds and leaves should be covered with a paper bag so they do not get damaged by steam. After a few minutes, the flowers are removed from the boiling water, cut off the black part of the stem, and immediately put in cold water. This “shocking therapy” kills bacteria and removes air from the stems.


If you receive flower from your friends or loved ones, you feel like these never withered but it can not happen. So from now  when you receive anniversary flower bouquet, birthday flower bouquet or bouquet on any occasion, apply above tips retain the beauty flower bouquet. With these few simple tips, you can enjoy the beauty of flowers for a long time.

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