Horse Jewellery – Building an art Nouveau Collection

Horse Jewellery

There are many horse lovers who would like nothing better than to receive a piece of unique horse jewellery. Just as they enjoy riding, they delight in letting people know about their equine fancy, and well-made jewellery allows them to dress up while simultaneously expressing their love of horses. 

There are 2 ways to build an art nouveau horse jewellery collection. You can collect authentic and antique art nouveau pieces, such as the fob pendant shown here. Take note of the long, elegant lines shown – the horse’s bridles are perfectly detailed. You can almost feel the wind pushing through their manes!

Another option, particularly attractive to those just starting a horse jewellery collection, is to seek out modern pieces rendered in an art nouveau style. Fashions wane and wax: art nouveau goes through a revival every few decades; generally in response to troubling economic or social times. Small wonder: when you’re feeling down one of the finest ways to lift your spirits is to surround yourself with beauty. Art Nouveau horse jewellery certainly delivers that!

Make it Special Horse Jewellery

There are plenty of pieces of handcrafted artisan jewellery that you can purchase for someone who loves horses. From necklaces strung with beautiful pendants of horses running to small stirrup earrings, the selection is extensive. You can even select a pearl strand that ends in a silver or gold horseshoe; it might just bring you a bit of luck, or perhaps you would prefer a charm bracelet decorated with a variety of horse-related symbols.

A Unique Expression

Any time you make the effort to have someone make something special, it only adds to the sentimental value of the gift. It is easy to walk into a department store and pick up one of the many identical items and have them wrap it. Not much thought is involved in such a process. However, if you sit down, either online or in-person with a jewellery designer and create a one-of-a-kind item to give, you are investing that item with so much more meaning.

This is exactly what is meant when you hear the expression “it’s the thought that counts.”

Fine or Casual

One of the decisions you need to make when selecting horse jewellery is whether you want a piece of fine jewellery or an item that can be worn casually. There is something about horses that inspires a feeling of the outdoors, leather, and freedom. A leather bracelet embossed with horse conches or a strand of leather cording offers a wild yet elegant look that is perfect with jeans and flannel.

Of course, you can also find pieces of fine jewellery kits that have subtly hidden their horsey nature with elements crafted into the design; for example, a strand of pearls that bear a stirrup-shaped clasp or a silver heart locket that is imprinted with hoof prints. Sometimes the best secrets are those kept in the open.

No matter what the motivation behind your interest in horse jewellery, it is good to know that there are many options in handcrafted artisan jewellery workshops that can meet your needs. Fine or casual, subtle or bold, the look you choose is entirely up to you.

Clothes matching

Full of a personality beyond ignorance, the beast shape jewellery is mainly with overstated style, which is suitable for matching with dresses with outstanding texture and indirect style. Concerning the grasp of colour, jewellery with solid colour or pattern colour-matched with the same colour of the dress is the most excellent. Without any explanation, the snake-like bracelet is totally the winner of the classic. When matched with leather necklaces, horse jewellery such as deer with the symbol of totemic and horse that soared into the sky with the cool emotion of a cowboy are the first choices for those cool females.


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