Timber Tales: Elevate Your Outdoors with Decking in Melbourne

grey composite decking

Composite decking stands out among eco-friendly flooring materials due to its magnificent appearance, ease of installation, and incredibly low maintenance cost. It is hardly surprising that many people believe composite decking is environmentally beneficial. This essay will explain why it is gaining popularity among homeowners and how to find the best one from our composite decking Melbourne store.

Decking Made of Wood.

You get exactly what you pay for. When properly maintained, cheaper timber options have a lifespan of only 10-15 years. It is easily damaged and stained, as well as breaking and splintering. Timber decking requires a lot of maintenance; it must be repainted and soiled every year, which can add to the decking’s cost, and it needs to be cleaned and resealed every year or so. Upkeep may be expensive and time-consuming, but weather-damaged boards may need to be rebuilt.

Hardwood timber is more durable but can be costly in terms of materials and labour. Custom and pre-drilling designs might increase labour and development expenses. Even though lumber is considered a sustainable resource, it nonetheless entails the destruction of trees, and it may take time and effort to locate good, environmentally acceptable wood.

Decking Composite.

It is essential to know that certain composite decks are not recyclable, and they are, nevertheless, less upkeep and more lasting than wood decking. Purchasing composite flooring is considered a sensible investment due to its long-term worth, composite decking Melbourne price is not that high, and it can live up to thirty years with little maintenance. One cannot compare wood and plastic decks because they must be changed and thrown off routinely.

● Composite decking is children and pet-friendly, providing you peace of mind when your children are playing in the garden.

● Even in the harshest conditions, composite decking has excellent non-slip characteristics.

● Composite decking is resistant to pet claws and high heel shoes.

● It has High fading protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays by quality topped or insulated (co-extrusion) composite decking. No more yearly painting, sealing, or staining of your wood deck.

● Composite decking with caps (co-extrusion) is water-resistant and only absorbs 1% of its weight, thus making it far better than a wooden deck. As the wood absorbs water.

Every deck product has benefits and downsides, but composite decking is the least harmful to the environment. Composite decking is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly alternative available today, and you can get decking suppliers Melbourne from our store.

grey composite decking
Image Source: tuffdeck.com.au

What Is The Composition of Composite Decking?

Even after decades of use, fiberboard continues to provide safe decking. However, care and upkeep are required to keep its beauty. Composite decking has various advantages that align with safe and healthy environmental aims.


In terms of upkeep, composite decking doesn’t require sealing, painting, or other preservatives. Simple cleaning will suffice to maintain your deck looking fresh and appealing. However, we urge that you remove spills or severe stains immediately after they occur. Over time, leaving them neglected can result in floor disfiguration.


Composite decking contains non-toxic materials, and therefore companies manufacture it safely. Composite decking, unlike pressure-treated wood, is not coated or infused with chemicals to resist rotting and other deteriorating environmental elements. Because of this critical feature, it is very eco-friendly flooring again for the home. Get your hands on eco-decking Melbourne now!


Throughout their lifespan, composite decks are environmentally friendly. When it comes to removal, composite decking is environmentally friendly all around. If you don’t want to tackle the hassle of alternative disposal techniques, you can reuse composite decking. For a charge, one will dispose of your worn-out deck safely and without harming the environment.

Is Composite Decking a Good Investment?

Yes. In the long run, composite decking is a wise investment; therefore, to buy one, check out our composite decking suppliers Melbourne. The following are some characteristics that dispel any doubts regarding its dependability and uniqueness:

● Typically has a life span of 15 to 20 years, far outlasting wood.

● Environmentally friendly and weather-resistant.

● Very low maintenance costs.

● It is very mould-resistant due to its polymer feature, regardless of how much moisture it exposes.

● Because it is light and features a lock design, boards are simple to figure out, so that is a suitable way to integrate.

● Varying in design and appeal, offering something for each property owner.


White composite Decking and grey composite decking will also help you to build an aesthetic-looking garden or yard. Imagine having a well-decorated patio with lights, furniture, plants and a barbecue grill. Too good to spend your summer evenings like this. What else do you need than a deck that lasts so long? Visit our store to find the perfect deck for your home, we indulge in manufacturing and offering composite wood decking, fencing, composite wall cladding as well as screening & installation fasteners.