ChiroTouch Software: An EMR Empowering Chiropractors

ChiroTouch Software

ChiroTouch software is dedicated to helping you accomplish your desired goals. It combines technological advancements with human skills and expertise to feature intuitive clinical solutions. The software works best for practices that deal with spine manipulation, massage therapy, and rehabilitation care.

This cloud-standard solution is backed by 20 plus years of experience dealing with chiropractic services. The software perfectly aligns with clinical goals as it is designed from the ground up by the best-of-all chiropractors. It serves a national footprint with over 21000 customers and 12000 practices. Its exemplary feature range knows no end.

It is not difficult for care providers to give their vision a realistic touch with this healthcare solution. With the HIPAA-compliant functionalities of Chirotouch Software, providing quality care is a piece of cake. This cost-effective solution saves practitioners time to dedicate to their patient’s health. Also, it helps practices grow, increasing their revenue collection.

Need for Chiropractic Solution:

Chiropractors are specialists dealing with joint manipulation. It is not likely for them to deliver optimal treatment with diverted attention. Thus, they need a specialized chiropractic solution to guide them. Chiropractors use rehabilitation and other non-surgical treatment processes to align the joints in the human body.

They try to ease their patients’ pain by diagnosing neuromuscular disorders and treating them. Generic EHR vendors don’t feature specialized features that chiropractors need. That’s why they go for specialty-specific solutions to leverage the treatment insights for delivering the best possible care.

Why ChiroTouch EMR Software?

Now that you have the basic idea of ChiroTouch EMR software and the reason behind why you need a specialized solution. It will be easy to understand why you should opt for this platform. What matters the most in this context is the services it offers. ChiroTouch top EMR systems provides an array of customizable Chiropractic solutions. Let’ take a look at those features:


It comes with compliant SOAP notes to help you focus more on your patients. They are beneficial as they significantly reduce the documentation time during patient encounters. In addition, the vendor allows you to deal with complex spine care cases by filtering relevant SOAP notes that you can refer to. You can even write SOAP notes within 20-40 seconds.

Customizable MACROS:

Replacing expensive documentation software, ChiroTouch provides you with a customizable MACRO tool. Using it, you won’t have to type the same content again and again. Instead, it will put keystrokes into play to automatically fill the charts, progress notes, and other clinical documents. It helps by reducing the transcription time effectively.

All-in-one Dashboard:

Refer to the past patient records in a breeze by having everything glance within seconds. ChiroTouch EMR offers an all-in-one dashboard, including in its demo. All the most-in-use features are shown on the home screen and patient information. Having access to quality services and data on a single screen helps run effective diagnoses.

Performance Reporting:

This comprehensive care solution comes with pre-loaded performance reports. All that’s needed is to get the required variables to run a reliable report using the clinical data. The performance tool is embedded in the clinical workflow and thus creates dynamic reports within minutes. Leverage the clinical insights to enhance your clinical productivity.

Price Structure of ChiroTouch Software

An EHR vendor serves as the best bet if its price tag is cost-effective. So, we figured having a detailed look at the price structure of ChiroTouch software might help you make up your mind. Of course, you can also get a quick overview of the clinical packages, as this software has made its pricing plans official.

The best thing about the price structure of ChiroTouch software is that it considers the needs of all types of medical practices. S, it doesn’t matter if you run a cash-based or insurance-based chiropractic facility. The platform has a suited solution that fits your requirements. So, you are at liberty to choose the package that’s right for your clinic.

Before jumping to the details of the two available plans of the EMR, there’s one more thing you should know. ChiroTouch EMR software supports the claim that it is an affordable solution by allowing free-of-cost implementation. On top of that, it offers ongoing technical support and training resources for clinical staff.

ChiroTouch Core

It is the basic plan offered by this healthcare solution. ChiroTouch Core is a well-suited plan for small practices dealing in cash and paper-based billing techniques. The software charges $159 per month per provider. For each additional provider, the vendor costs an additional $49. The essential services included in the pricing package are:

  • Rapid access anytime, even on hand-held devices
  • Compliant SOAP notes ready-to-use within seconds
  • Easy to get accustomed to
  • Online appointment scheduling and reminders
  • Customizable MACROS
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Subscription packages
  • All-in-one charting provider screen
  • Patient management
  • Medical bills handling
  • Superbills, CMS-1500
  • Practice dashboard
  • Performance reporting
  • Real-time secure data back-up
  • Unlimited data storage

ChiroTouch Advanced

ChiroTouch Advanced is designed explicitly for insurance-based and electronic billing management practices. The price of this ChiroTouch software plan is $299 per month. And for each additional provider, the vendor charges an extra $99 per provider. In addition to the features and services included in the ChiroTouch Core plan, the advanced program includes:

  • Full claim cycle management*
  • Electronic claim submission
  • Auto-updated claim status
  • Claims worklist
  • ERA auto-posting
  • Billing and support from a single vendor

The steric on the first point shows that an additional rate may apply in case of massive claims handling. Just look at the fine-detailing. There are absolutely no hidden costs.

Deduction of The Review of ChiroTouch Software

We hope it’s clear to you now that ChiroTouch is a fully functional EMR solution. The purpose of penning down this review of ChiroTouch software is to help you comprehend how effective this solution is. For example, you can create SOAP notes in seconds, saving 20hr per month. The software also increases the monthly revenue by 56%, improving financial stability.

This ChiroTouch review will help you to understand the software better. In addition, you can compare its price tag to the services it offers. This way, you will get to decide whether investing in this solution is the right call. You can even schedule the demo with ChiroTouch software to get a detailed look.

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