Cerner EHR Providers Expand Their Reach Into Rural Alabama

Cerner EHR

If you’re considering using an EHR system, you’re not alone. Cerner is the most popular provider of electronic health records, and for good reason. Cerner’s CareAware platform focuses on improving communication and eliminating documentation redundancies. It was designed for the entire interdisciplinary team and emphasizes patient-centered care. Moreover, the Cerner EHR offers patients many advantages, such as an online patient portal for checking lab results and personal information, and an intuitive user interface that allows them to communicate with clinicians.

Escambia County Healthcare Authority

Two community hospitals and four clinics in Escambia County, Alabama are switching to Cerner’s electronic health record system. This change will unify the system across all four facilities and use Cerner’s revenue cycle management software. It is an expansion of the company’s reach into rural health care. Escambia County Healthcare Authority’s board decided to adopt a single EHR platform and use it across all facilities.

In addition to the EHR platform, Escambia County Healthcare Authority is also outsourcing its business office to Cerner. The move to Cerner came as a surprise to many in the health care industry. The company said that it would continue to work closely with the healthcare organization throughout the transition. However, the switch is not without controversy. The organization has been experiencing significant problems with the Cerner EHR and revenue cycle, which prompted them to switch to another system.

Dignity Health

A global leader in health care technology, Cerner has partnered with Dignity Health, a major California hospital provider, to implement its PowerChart ambulatory EHR system. This software creates a unified patient record and an integrated clinically driven network for patients. In addition, Dignity Health will be able to connect with other health systems, including Kaiser Permanente, Stanford Health Care, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and CVS Minute Clinic.

The company currently operates 40 hospitals and more than 400 related facilities in California, Arizona, and Nevada. The system is integrated with UCSF Health, a research and teaching hospital and medical center affiliated with the University of California, San Francisco. Dignity Health is committed to incorporating the latest digital experiences into patient care and improving the patient experience. This integration makes it easier for clinicians to identify patients who can benefit from self-management tools and remote monitoring.

Adventist Health System

In a recent announcement, the Florida-based AdventHealth announced that it is replacing its Cerner EHR system with Epic’s version. The health system, which is one of the largest in the United States, employs more than 80,000 people at 50 campuses and 1,200 care locations. The health system has reported $20 billion in revenue. In 2002, the health system signed a contract with Cerner. It has since rebranded to AdventHealth.

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Cerner has a good graphical user interface, but this doesn’t necessarily translate to ease of use. Some users have reported long, repetitive workflows and trouble learning the system. But despite its shortcomings, Cerner is a highly usable EHR. It also requires decent training before users can use it effectively. And, it’s not perfect, so you’ll have to make sure that your staff has a lot of time to become familiar with it.


The Department of Veterans Affairs’ pending rollout of Healthsouth EHR Cerner prompted a review by McDonough. The company promised the VA seamless excellence in care. But a review conducted by McDonough found system errors, patient safety concerns, and a negative impact on productivity. McDonough commissioned the review after hearing complaints about duplicate prescriptions, system errors, and unanswered questions from users. McDonough said he had heard clinical staff say that the integration between Cerner and VA healthcare was not complete and he did not feel confident the system would be a success.

Final verdict

The company has cut its annualized operating expenses by $300 million and trimmed its product line from 25,000 features to 400. Cerner’s new CEO is expected to focus on operations. Cerner expects the acquisition of Kantar Health to bring $150 million in revenue in 2021. Cerner’s current strategy has failed to gain market share, as the company has been unable to pass along escalators in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). But Cerner is positioning itself to capitalize on the incoming regulations aimed at rewarding health care organizations for implementing electronic medical records.

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