How Aqueous Coating is Best for Custom Candle Boxes


Every brand wants to impress its customers as efficiently as possible. Companies try different strategies and spend a lot of money on advertising, but often forget to decorate the packaging, which will help you stand out. You can make a “first impression is the last impression,” as the saying goes. Therefore, it is important that the packaging of your candle products is pleasing and attractive. To make your product stand out in stores, you need an aqueous layer on your custom . Your audience should be able to pick up the item and feel that it’s worth the time because the package is so attractive. So you know right away whether you’re looking for it or not. Below, we’ll tell you what water coatings are, also known as AQ coatings, and their different types of uses, and more.

What is Aqueous Coating for Printing and Packaging?

The aqueous coating is the perfect moulding process for high-quality and long-lasting prints. It can dry quickly and can allow multiple coats to be applied in a single print. It is a water-based material and is durable enough to withstand pressure, but still allows for multiple layers that will not work with other types of protection.

Eco-Friendly Coating for Custom Boxes

Aqueous printing is also eco-friendly and flexible and is used in candle packaging to protect fragile candles from getting wet. It is also found on the bottom of household products to protect against water damage. Find out quickly if something is eco-friendly? Look at the label; Many organizations have recognized this innovative product as safe and environmentally friendly.

Durable Coating

Coating the product surface with an AQ coating provides many advantages, such as increased durability and fingerprint resistance. It is important to know the type of packaging your product will need before deciding on the type of coating.

The Uses of Aqueous Coating in Candle Packaging

We’ve seen what AQ coverage is, and it’s time to understand how it can be used to differentiate yourself from your competition. Remember that the main role of packaging is to protect the product. It’s nice to know that water-coated printing plays an important role in the whole packaging process. As you already know, your product will go through the hands of many customers, glitches and others before it hits the counter, thus protecting it from stains, scratches, dents and more. AQ coating matches glossy paper when it comes to offset printing. For this reason, you will often see glossy varnish on certain ad surfaces to highlight them before you finish with matt or varnish for a smoother look.

Inline Varnish 

The varnish is applied to your print at the same time as the offset press (usually before drying). This will give you an excellent glossy finish with high coverage, while also allowing certain parts of your design to stand out more when needed due to the build-up of dye under the coat.

Different Types of Aqueous Coating and Its Process

It’s hard to make your custom stand out when you’re surrounded by so many competitors. Learn more about how different coatings can help you draw attention to your product. We’ll now take a look at the typical types of AQ coating so you can choose the best one for your brand.

Aqueous Gloss Finish

Different tone colours make your packaging unique. Do you want a calm impression? Or do you prefer something that creates a brilliant effect when exposed to light? For the former, a glossy coating is a great choice, and a UV coating works best with the latter.

Aqueous Matte Finish

If you want to give your packaging a more vibrant look, opt for a matte finish as it offers a comfortable and warm look as opposed to the sleek and smooth feel we talked about earlier. The matt finish not only reduces the surface shine but also allows the colour to reflect its original liveliness.

Satin Aqueous Coating

One of the most overlooked coatings, satin provides a glossy finish while protecting your packaging from fingerprints. The satin surface makes the product look more elegant and luxurious.

Dry Erase Finish

With the growing popularity of dry erase surfaces, you may find several different coatings on candle store shelves. A dry-erase coating is an inexpensive option that offers better protection and gloss.

Pencil Receptive Finish

The pencil sensitive coating is the perfect choice when you need stationery for your products. It can be used on almost any surface and will not wear or fade over time as long as it is properly treated with an eraser.

Soft Touch Finish

One of the more interesting finishes on this list is the soft-touch finish. It makes your packaging feel like a silk tote bag. Soft-touch coatings may not be as shiny as other types of coatings. The velvet texture makes for a more refined and elegant finish that will stand out in your shop window.

Primer Coating

The product we are talking about is a laminator which can be applied before lamination to create a water-borne seal highly susceptible to inks and markers.

The AQ Process

How does the machine apply the aqueous coating on the custom candle box? It is applied to a sheet of paper before it is printed with ink. After being covered with water-based glue and quickly dried in hot air, it passes through areas where it can be finished. For best results when printing with water, you need to consider the weight and texture of your paper. In general, heavier paper requires fewer applications, while some lighter sheets may require more to avoid problematic issues such as wrinkles or creases.

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