What Makes Athena-health the Best Software for Healthcare Practices?


Athena-health is a powerful tool for medical practices, with extensive charting capabilities and billing options alike. But what really stands out about this company’s solution are its consultation-based features that help patients manage their appointments in real time while also providing up-to date information on key performance indicators (KPIs). With virtually unlimited filters available on every report or KPI comparison you make within athenaOne’s reporting suite; there’s no better way to stay informed than using it!

Athena-health Pros

At the athenahealth EMR dashboard, you have access to an endlessly customizable and filterable reporting platform. The KPIs can be strategized for individual practices in order to achieve performance levels similar to those of similarly sized competitors with whom they are listed on top charts around town. A representative of athenahealth will reach out if needed but really shouldn’t require too much involvement by doctors themselves other than entering basic info once per day.

Athenahealth Cons

With athenahealth, you can’t really outsource your revenue cycle management. It ranks relatively low on the user-friendliness scale compared to what we found, which earned their best pick for ease of use – so if this matters most then stick with one company.

Athenahealth Usability

Athena EMR review felt more difficult to use than some of the other medical software we reviewed. The navigation was disjointed and there were a lot of steps involved in getting started, but eventually you found your way around athenaHealth’s interface which made it easier for patients with complicated needs or those who wanted something tailored specifically towards them. 

The good news is that athenahealth offers a wealth of resources to help you get started with their software. They offer role-specific training, tutorials and self guided tools for users on the learning curve so they can quickly find value in this rich data supported environment!

A big plus about using these templates during patient encounters? You have room to customize them – such as giving each symptom its own box or creating color coding schemes based on different types of symptoms (elderly vs children). We also really like how customizable these preferences are: It’s up to you decide which way works best.

Athena-health Features

Billing tools

Billing tools like AthenaCollector make it easy to manage all of your company’s medical claims. If you don’t have a claim-processing department, though, be aware that these services will still require employees who know how this system works in order for them to work properly and efficiently.

Appointment scheduling

In the AthenaOne Appointment View, you can view all your patient billing info as well as A/B testing tools that help determine which reminder message will remind them most effectively.

Patient portal

The athenaClinicals patient notes are designed to be easy for patients and healthcare professionals to fill out. The clear layout makes it simple, with space reserved specifically for allergies or medications history alongside any waiting room status you might have had before visiting this clinic today.

Appointment calendar

AthenaOne is a powerful and easy-to-use front office management tool. It provides your staff with up to date information about what’s going on at the practice, like who has appointments scheduled or if there are any cancellations for that day! Front desk employees can quickly view all this data through an attractive dashboard interface . 

Clinical notes

AthenaClinicals is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to take lots of notes. You can use it with any note-taking method you like and never worry about losing your thoughts because they’re all conveniently stored in one place.

Patient intake

The athenaClinicals patient notes are designed to be both informative and engaging. They display allergies, medical conditions, medications history alongside a patient’s waiting room status or visit information for quick reference on the spot.

Customizable reports

Athenahealth’s customizable weekly and monthly reports have filters that seem to go on forever.


Athenahealth’s renowned interoperability tools ensure that your patient data will be safely sent to other providers and vice versa, all in an easy-to-use format.


With the launch of their new telehealth service, patients can now join appointments without any additional software or devices.

Athena-health EMR is changing how healthcare professionals meet with clients by seamlessly integrating into existing electronic medical records (EMR) systems. With this innovative solution for remote patient care there’s no need to install anything on your end as it will be automatically installed onto theirs.

Athena-health Setup

Setup is fast and painless, with athenahealth offering no extra fees for setup management within the athenahealth pricing. The implementation process typically takes four to six weeks but it can be expedited if you need data imported from another platform or agency system-wide integration of your own medical software solution.

Athena-health Customer Service

As a customer of Athenahealth, you can get in touch with one of our dedicated account reps by phone at 1-800-981-5084 or schedule an appointment through live web chat and email inbox for support requests. Athenahealth maintains 24/7 service which was not always available from other medical software companies we’ve worked with before.

Athena-health EMR software is a modern, award-winning healthcare platform that combines medical billing and patient engagement in one elegant system. The athenaHealth ecosystem provides you with digital tools to improve workflow efficiency while improving financial performance for your organization as well. The platform also houses an engaging social media component which allows users to communicate directly without having somebody else interpreting what’s said first then retelling back over again – saving time lost during translation processes.

Athena Health is the top EMR software for healthcare practices. The reason it’s so great? All these things altogether make athena health an awesome choice in this busy industry.

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