7 stunning flowers to make beauty fall into your garden

7 stunning flowers to make beauty fall into your garden

Stunning Flowers are all about beauty, charm and happiness. You can bring vibrancy to your life by adding flowers to your surroundings. After all, flowers are so delightful that they make everyone happy with their beauty. You can send flowers to Delhi in order to send your warm regards and love to your dear ones. However, besides using the charm of flowers in order to bring happiness to our loved ones; we may also use flowers for radiating ourselves with joy and peace. given below are 7 stunning flowers that will make beauty fall into your garden. 

Stunning Flowers

English rose

And online Rose delivery can help you speak your heart to your beloved and Express many other emotions of your heart such as those of friendship, compassion and kindness. You can also grow English roses in your garden. The cupped petals of the flower will give a touch of beauty to your garden along with its varying shades. 

Dinner plate Dahlia

You can bring an array of delightful Shades to your garden by planting the huge blooms of dinner plate dahlia. They grow up to 12 inches tall and continue blooming for many weeks. They look fabulous when put in floral arrangements. You can get many varieties of dahlias merged into a bouquet and surprise your loved ones through an online bouquet delivery of beautiful flowers at their doorstep. 

Himalayan poppy

The Himalayan poppies are a pretty perennial that will shower beauty into your garden. It grows in a striking shade of cool blue to provide peace to the eyes. Besides this, it also grows in shades of pink and purple while the white Himalayan poppies are also liked by people. If you have stony soil or mountain Rock Garden then you must go ahead with planting the Himalayan poppy. Remember to pour enough water into the roots of the plant in order to ensure its growth. 


These pretty looking flowers resemble the stars in their appearance and hence they have got the name Aster which means stars in the Latin language. They provide beauty to the landscape, where they are planted. They start blooming in late summer and will continue to flourish into the Fall. There are many varieties of asters, out of which white and purple are the most liked ones. 


Growing across spectacular colours, the begonias are perfect for decorating your balcony or gardens; they can also be placed in hanging baskets. There are many varieties of begonias available; you can get wax begonia, cane begonia, angel wing begonia, tuberous begonia, Rex begonia and many such varieties which are easy to plant and look after. However, these plants are poisonous to dogs and cats. 


This delicate bloom grows across thousands of beautiful varieties which also include multi-coloured blossoms that can be hung in baskets and pots. You can have Fuschia in the form of a bush or a vine or even as trailing plants. It requires drainy soil for its growth and the flower blooms in beautiful shades of Maroon, Magenta, pink, orange, white, purple etc. 


Impatiens are easy to grow and look after. They can bring a touch of vibrancy and joyfulness to your garden. You may use them as a flower bed for your container or grow them along the fence of your garden. You can also grow them on your balcony or on the terrace and give a floral decoration to your house. The varying shades of impatiens impart happiness to the onlookers and are beautiful enough to make your neighbours grow envious of your flower collection. 
These were some of the floral delights that will help you show off your garden to the guests and friends who visit your house. Besides this, you can order flower delivery in gurgaon online and keep them in your house or garden in order to maintain a delightful collection of flowers.