4 Top Ways To Wear Denim Jackets

Denim Jackets

Whether it’s a classic creamy white denim jacket or your favorite faded blue, denim jackets will always set the style wheels into motion. Whether you are a guy or a girl, your closet will be incomplete without the perfect denim jackets. Denim is a staple outfit which has relentlessly dominated the fashion scene since decades. 

But how do you pull off the perfect style statement using a denim jacket without making it look basic? While there aren’t any must-follow fashion rules when it comes to styling your perfect outfit this season, there is a basic fashion checkbox you should be able to tick mark while styling yourself; especially when you want to wear a denim jacket which holds the title of king in the fashion world. 

While the garment is perfect for adding a simple yet stylish finishing touch to an array of looks, up next we have our 4 top ways to wear denim jackets which have topped off the fashion charts this season. 

Are you ready to be catapulted into stardom with some of the easiest yet most sizzling looks for the fashion scene? Dive head straight into our 4 step, easy yet extremely useful style guide for denims! 

Denim on Denim (The Canadian Tuxedo) 

If you have even a semblance of interest in fashion history, you would know that this classic denim styling, also known as the canadian tuxedo has left a glaring mark in history. 

If you are looking to dip your toe into classic fashion, denim on denim, the most classic interaction of denim jackets should be your first stop. 

The foundation of the classic denim on denim combination is your favorite indigo jeans whether they are straight legged or wide legged paired up with the most vintage piece of denim jacket you can own. While the masses tend to stick to the age-old indigo denim on denim look, today I will introduce you to another denim on denim formula, which is known to turn heads even on the red carpet!

So today we introduce to you a denim formula, although well-known but not widely adopted for fear of angering the fashion police, maybe? White denim on denim – a classic denim on denim formula, one which can rock both your casual and formal looks! 

You can ground this look with a classic black t-shirt or tank top and throw on some of your favorite statement jewellery pieces. To finish the look in style, you can add your favorite piece of sunglasses as the best modern complement to your outfit.  

Topping this look off with high heels or sneakers is perfect to set the tone of this outfit; formal or casual. If you are feeling tenacious, you can add the perfect pop of color to this look with striking red or any other bright colored heels. 

And voila – you are now ready to take on the most fashionable Canadian tuxedo/denim on denim outfit in your stride with these easiest style tips. 

Denim Jackets with Graphic Tees 

Never underestimate the power of a graphic tee, especially paired up with a perfect faded blue denim jacket. 

If you don’t own any graphic tees yet, it is time for you to invest. Graphic tees are available in many different patterns and silhouettes. 

Patterned and graphic tees are the best reflection of your personality and taste, so we leave it upto you to take your pick. Choose a tee shirt which best represents what you stand for and most importantly, what you would like to show! 

Any nice graphic tee shirt paired up with your favorite, right fitting denim jacket will do the trick! 

While loose and oversized designs are excellent for creating a relaxed appearance, fitted and cropped styles look sharper. For a classic cut, opt for a white denim jacket that finishes on your hips. It should also feel snug but not too tight when the buttons are done up.

Complement this look with a pair up of striking white sneakers and win the award for the most casual yet comfortable look. 

Denim Jackets with Ripped Jeans 

You can take a note from some of the top influencers and celebrities this season and pair yours with an oversized light-wash denim jacket with classic and fashionable ripped jeans., 

Denim jacket paired up with ripped jeans can be topped off with a denim vest or button-down. You don’t have to go full-denim in the form of jeans and a chambray shirt to nail the look. 

Ripped jeans are the perfect piece of clothing which shouts casual yet snazzy – so if this is the look that you are looking to flaunt this season, go for it! 

Denim Jacket with Leather 

Denim and leather – can’t you just smell this combination? Bold fashion choices are a hard hit or flop, but lucky for you, we have the right formula to make it look like a hard hit. 

This one combination that we are going to pitch to you today incorporates both, the trending fashion of monochromatic looks and the fashion equivalent of spice! While you must be picturing a faded or indigo wash denim jacket with leather pants, we have more interesting looks up our sleeves. 

A classic black denim jacket paired up with a white tank and leather pants is the perfect style formula to break the fashion meters this season. Edgy yet subtle, classical yet trendy this outfit should be at the top of your fashion list this season. 

Add a few drops of powerful accessories to this denim formula and no one can argue on the style points of this outfit! 

Easy to try and pull off, these 4 tops ways to wear denim jackets are definitely a game changer.