3 Good Ways to Limit Your Young Kids’ Use of Gadgets


Living in the world of advanced technology, it has already become normal to see young kids knowing how complex gadgets work. Many of your little nephews and nieces, probably even your baby siblings or even your own child, are already masters of their own mini gadgets. It’s no longer unusual for everyone to witness because newer generations today are born after the birth of progressive digital technology. 

While technology is very essential and beneficial in the greatest ways there are, the way people use it must be with discipline. This is the same for all ages, but most importantly for today’s youth. Indeed, many kids do learn many good things from their early use of gadgets, but many also develop unhealthy lifestyles and perspectives as they grow up. This goes to show that these serviceable gadgets have both upsides and downsides.  

In order to monitor and guide your kids’ use of gadgets, putting boundaries is a huge must. You should not let them grow too attached to their electronic devices before you realize they have become too stubborn to let go of them. Here are 8 good ways to limit your young kids’ use of gadgets.  

1 – Don’t use gadgets for bribery. 

It has become common for many parents to hand a cell phone or a tablet to their child whenever they are having a hard time letting them obey. When your kids are difficult to feed, you promise to let them play the whole afternoon only if they eat everything. When your teenyboppers do not want to study, you promise to let them use the computer for as long as they want to, only if they study. 

Although such tricks work, as in the little ones really bite onto the plan because of the reward or punishment that involves their gadgets, these are not always healthy. These make gadgets your kids’ go-to whenever they want to have their way and to get what they want. With such, children become spoiled, stubborn and hard-headed. 

To avoid experiencing this and to avoid allowing your nippers to grow with this lifestyle, as early as possible, do not use gadgets for bribery. It may be needed at times, particularly when you really have no choice, but do not always rely on gadgets to make your kids obedient. This is a friendly technique to limit their use of gadgets. It becomes natural to kids if you start them young. 

2 – Let them enjoy screenless playtime.

Nowadays, many people think that entertainment, fun and leisure are mostly just found online. Social media, video games, online series and movies – they are all accessed through electronic devices. Kids are exposed to all these simply because they have the resources and the access; parents play a powerful role here. 

However, just like the early times, the most genuine and heartwarming kind of fun can be found from living in every good moment. Kids born before gadgets and social media became necessities experienced playing outdoors with fellow kids; meanwhile, youngsters born after cannot relate so much. 

Teach your kids from this new generation on how to enjoy screenless playtime. Let them have tons of fun and excitement by playing traditional games, physical activities, sports and the like. Allow them to get sweaty, muddy, tired, sometimes bruised because of too much running and tripping, like real playtime should be. 

3 – Share meals and conversations with them.

It’s sad how many kids these days cannot put their mobile phones and tablets down even when they are eating. First of all, it’s disrespectful to the grace set on the dining table. And second, it snatches away your family’s chance to bond and catch up while eating good home-made food.

Often, that happens when parents are not around. You can do something about your meals to limit your kids’ use of gadgets. Share proper meals with them. Sit down in the dining room with them. Initiate conversations with them, and be receptive when they start any kind of discussion. 

Take this simple yet significant moment to reach out to your kids and to be accessible to them. More often than not, your own phones become walls that separate you and your kids even when you are just in front of each other. Everyone, put the phone down. Enjoy your food and your company.



Not everything found online is appropriate for kids. It is important that parents highly supervise and guide children’s use of gadgets, be it cell phones, tablets, laptops or personal computers. Along with that, you must also teach kids to spend their time more meaningfully by doing things that bring them away from their screens. Limits should be taught and observed as well. 

Since the generation of kids today are very much into gadgets, it would be hard and could be harsh if you just disallow them to hold their devices. The best thing to do instead is to think of ways to divert your kids’ attention and carry their interest to other things apart from the world of gadgets. 

Constraints in gadget usage are also needed to help youngsters live in the moment and make awesome memories as kids before they become busy adults. 


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for GetdGet, an international mobile online shopping site based in Sydney, Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.