The rose falls under the category of flowering shrub. The name arrived from the Latin word for Rosa. Rose flowers are in different shades. The most well-known shades are red, orange, pink, yellow, and many more. Roses are a part of the Rosaceae family. In history, it reads that all roses were wild and came from a variety of parts of the world, including Africa, America, and many parts of Asia and Oceania. It showed that 100 different species of roses are known. It is possible to cultivate wild rose species in gardens, but most garden roses are cultivars that people have selected.

Below is some basic information to know about roses; the species, the aromas, the shades, and much more that will characterize these exquisite blooms’ beauty and royalty.

Categories of the rose plant

As there are hundreds of species of roses known to the world. There are several different colors, habits, and specifications of all these species that make them different from other flowers and make an ideal bloom for flower delivery in chennai online to special ones. Either shrub, ramblers, or climbers are most roses forms.


Shrub roses make grace to landscapes. They are in a medium height. They will bloom either single or double in a single stem. Some shrub roses either grow in once while some all year. They are easy-to-care plants and are not bushy as ramblers.


These bloom in the summer season of June to July. They need a good amount of space to grow as they scatter on the landscape. They moreover fill the walls and hedges during their growing season.

Climbers: Both climbing roses aim for the sky and will gladly climb up to a house’s second floor. The key difference between climbing and rambling roses is that, while rambling roses have smaller flowers, climbing roses also have big flowers. Ramblers, meanwhile, prefer to be vigorous with more delicate flower clusters that sometimes flower only once.

Shades Of Roses

Roses often have distinct colors, with distinct meanings and importance, like the shapes. These flowers look fantastic in every shade, from breathtaking violets to alluring reds. Here are the various kinds of rose colors, together with their meanings:

Red Rose: This colored rose conveys affection and attraction. These colors of roses are found all over the world. They are considered a universal sign of love. These roses are used as a gift on the anniversary and special Occasions to express love to special ones in their life.

Yellow Rose: Only roses are that do not convey a sign of love. Yellow signifies connection and fellowship in a friend. These roses can be used to congratulate your buddies on their success to show how they mean in your life. It is humble and a kind way to show your buddy that you thought about them and send roses online to their doorstep.

Pink Rose: Pink shade conveys affection, kindness, and happiness Basically, pink roses are more vibrant showing gentleness. They are gifted to show respect and honor towards your loved ones.

White Rose: White color is known for purity, chastity, and peace and the same applies to white roses. For that reason, white roses are often given at weddings and other formal occasions, such as christenings and graduations. Fresh white roses make an ideal gift for any occasion.
All these characteristics lead to distinguish between roses and other flowers, the scent, the colors, the presentation, and the uses. If you, too, are preparing to give your loved ones these royal beauties, do not think twice. So order online flower delivery in delhi and make sure you don’t send anything other than roses to make them feel special.