How to buy cement directly from company in India


Cement is one of the most consumed materials after water and electricity. The cement industry is an important indicator of the economic development of a country, and it is also a significant indicator to measure the comprehensive strength of a country.

As we all know that India is a developing country and there are many infrastructural projects going on due to which there is huge demand for construction materials.

The Indian cement industry has become the world’s second largest producer of cement with production capacity of around 500 million tons per annum after China. It contributes around 8% of the global production capacity. There are 139 large and 365 mini cement plants operating in India today.

There are many cement companies in India but it’s very difficult to find out who are the best Cement Companies Among them. To help you here we have listed the top 10 companies in India which include Ultratech Cement, ACC Cement, Ramco Cement, Shree Cement, Ambuja Cement, Binani Cement etc. is a B2B platform where buyers can source products at their own price point and convenience. Cement manufacturers are able to sell their products directly to the buyers without the involvement of any intermediary parties. It helps them save time and cost, which they can pass on to the purchasers in the form of discounts. provides an easy-to-use interface for both buyers and sellers to make their transactions smooth and hassle-free. The buyers get a wide choice of cement brands to choose from and negotiate with the sellers over the prices before placing their orders

Buy cement directly from company through

It’s easy tobuy cement directly from a company through You can either buy cement or sell cement on this website. Cement is an important material used in the construction industry and you can find good quality cement on this website along with other construction materials like steel and sand at affordable prices.

Tradologie is a B2B marketplace that makes it easy to reach out to different buyers and sellers across the country so that you can get the best price for your products. The bidding process is simple and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to set up your account and make your first bid. It’s also possible to buy/sell steel, sand, bricks and other materials through this website. eliminates middlemen in the cement buying process, the world’s first ever digital marketplace for raw material and industrial supplies, has announced that it is offering a unique digital tender-based solution through its B2B portal to help cement buyers source quality products directly from manufacturers.

The portal has been created with the aim of eliminating middlemen who have been adding to the cost of cement and thereby making it unaffordable for buyers. With, suppliers can now sell on the basis of price, quality and performance parameters and buyers are able to purchase cement at competitive rates without any involvement of middlemen.

Benefits of buying cement through

Cement is a grey powdery substance made by heating limestone with other materials such as clay. It is used in the construction industry as a binder to adhere aggregate (e.g. sand and gravel) together. is a platform where cement buyers can get in touch with sellers, view offers, negotiate and place orders. The benefits of buying cement online through are:

-It provides access to multiple sellers across the country

-The buyers can compare the cement prices from different sellers and choose the best option

-Whole process of procurement can be done online

-The buyer can negotiate the price with seller more effectively

-Buyer can place an online order for the delivery of cement

Popular cement brands available on is India’s first online marketplace for B2B cement trading, offering direct access to global buyers and sellers. helps cement suppliers and buyers connect with each other and conduct business on its platform. The platform offers a variety of features to help them in their buying and selling processes. It promises to help suppliers increase their sales and buyers lower the cost of procurement by giving them access to bulk deals. The following are some popular cement brands available on

Ambuja Cement

Shree Cement

UltraTech Cement

ACC Cement

JK Lakshmi Cement

And More

Why for buying cement?

When it comes to the building material market, cement is the most demanded product. It is obvious that will be your preferred choice for buying cement. provides the best platform for cement buyers and sellers to meet each other in the most comfortable environment. has been successful in providing a one stop solution to all your requirements with respect to buying cement.

Buyers are not required to pay any registration fee, as it is totally free of cost for buyers as well as sellers on portal.

How is simplifying the cement trade?

The platform aims to offer transparent and hassle free cement trade to all the stakeholders involved in the transaction. has an online portal which allows manufacturers, traders, customers and transporters to interact with each other in order to form a synergy between them. The platform is a unique blend of e-commerce and e-bidding systems. Moreover, this is the only platform in India which has both B2B and B2C functionality wherein anyone can register for free and start buying or selling cement.


There are no middlemen like dealers, wholesalers, stockists and retailers. You can save money by buying directly from the plant and that’s what we do. is the only platform where you can buy cement online directly from brands.