How do Glamping and Camping Differ?


Spending time outdoors in nature between mountains, on the lake shores, or in the middle of a dessert seems ideal. Although it is a breathtaking moment and a new experience for many of us, it can be more fun. Almost half the population every year spends time outdoor to spend time with the beauty of nature.

While spending days outdoor you also need a roof to protect you and a bed to sleep in. Camping is the safest option here and no doubt the majority of people prefer camping. But many people want to experience something different, which at the same time is close to nature but more comfortable and that is Glamping. 

If you are a frequent traveler you might be familiar with this term but for those who do not know let us find out how both the terms differ. How do Glamping and Camping differ from each other? 

Difference Between Glamping and Camping

Although both the glamping ad camping provides an opportunity to live comfortably outdoor. But there is a clear difference between the two terms.

What is Camping? 

Camping is like a portable tent, which contains a sleeping bag and other lightweight supplies. The camping bag pack allows you to spend time outdoors in a comfortable environment. It makes your trip easy by providing relaxation and comfort. 

You have to set your camp wherever you go and make it a place worth living. It can be fun and exciting but sometimes you have to experience a lack of facilities. The major drawback of living in a camp is poor air-conditioning and most important no facility of the bathroom. Thus, people try to find out ways that are more comfortable and affordable. 

What is Glamping?

Glamping is a glamorous form of camping, which provides most of the facilities like home. Although it is also an outdoor camp it is like a proper home with all the facilities you need to live a comfortable life. It is more comfortable with a little more creativity and comforts.

For avid travelers, it is the best place to live while they are on their outdoor trip. Glamping is like a luxury tent, which provides you maximum comfort where you live happily while on your trip. Nowadays there are dedicated glamping resorts especially for travelers who love traveling outdoor. Also, you can check the best glamping options here 

Some prominent Differences between Glamping and Camping

As we already know how glamping and camping differ from each other. But here are some prominent differences between the two, which let you know about, which option to choose while planning an outdoor trip. 

  • The Way you Stay and Live

The way of living is different between the two. While camping you need to take care of several things, where you will be going to sleep, eat and cook your meals. While in glamping you get all the comforts and luxuries as you have in your own house. Although glamping is also an outdoor thing but is more like you are living in your own house. 

  • Sleeping order and Bed Arrangements

If you are setting a camp you have to set your sleeping bag or you have to arrange an air bed. While in glamping you do not need to worry about this issue. It provides a proper bed to sleep in just like your own home. 

  • Where and How you will use Washroom 

Now it is the most prominent thing to consider and it matters a lot. The washroom is essential and one cannot survive without it. While living in a camp you do not get that facility to have a proper restroom, you have to find a suitable place in between the trees or somewhere to bear with nature’s call. But glamping provides you the facility to have a proper bathroom. 

  • How you Cook your Meals

Cooking a meal is another major task, which makes a huge difference. In a camp, you have to set your wood stove to prep your meals. For this, the most common method is to collect some pieces of wood and burn them. Then you can cook your meals easily. On the other hand, glamping provides an option to set an oven or a stove just like one in your house. It makes it more convenient to use instead of camping


While planning a trip outdoor you need to take care of several things. One of the most important things to consider is where you will be going to live. Glamping camping is the safest option a person can choose in this respect to make the trip comfortable and worth enjoying. But there exists a prominent difference between the two. Some of the prominent differences are discussed above, which will be helpful for a traveler to make a proper decision about which one is the best and safe option.

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