Top Big Data Management Tutorials You Should Master in 2021

Data Management

Today, Big Data is everything that Computer Science was 30 years ago – a monstrous rage and a big splashing wave of tsunami that gobbled up all the technologies in the Pre-Computer era of Data Management. 

When we speak specifically of Big Data online courses, we are coming across advanced applications in the fields of data science and deep learning that were unheard of in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Yet, these have now become the cornerstone of modern economy. Not every problem needs Big Data penetration, in fact, the problems could be solved using simple programming and human intelligence, but the scale of application is mostly limited to a local machine or at max few developer community groups. When we talk of Big Data online projects, we want to see scale and agility of these applications in real world scenario. That’s why we need to focus on the top trending big data applications and their adoption across industries and verticals within an organization. 

In this article, I will point out the top big data management tutorials that every big data learner should focus during the big data online course. These are:

Enterprise Big Data Management 
AI Ops Big Data Management
Cyber security Big Data Management
Geo-spatial Big Data Management / BIG Geo-spatial Data Management
Healthcare / Pharma Big Data Management and Analytics

I will cover them briefly below.

Enterprise Big Data management is also referred to as EDM, and pertains to the application of data science and analytics for the purpose of collection, analysis, storage, and repurposing of enterprise level data. The intrinsic characteristic of EDM in a Big Data project is its correlation to data governance, warehousing and security of Big Data. 

The core tenet of EDM Big Data application is enabling an organization to control and monitor the critical nuances of big data models as part of business intelligence for overall development of digital transformation / digitization platforms within and outside the organization. All the current trends in Big DataOps arise from this very concept of EDM techniques. So, you should dive deep into BA BI tools with EDM for Big Data companies.

In the modern Big Data management of enterprise framework, we will mostly come across concepts related to data stewardship, which explore various techniques used for data governance, data architecture, data security and metadata management.

AIOps, or AI for IT operations and database management is the next frontier of business analytics platforms. We are seeing rampant adoption of AI and Machine Learning based automation in the IT domain, enabling hypergrowth in the areas of cloud computing, software Devops and hardware integration. From IoT connected devices to 5G telecom networking everything seems to be setting foot ahead and marching forward with AI Ops technology. 

The world loses trillions of dollars due to failures and loopholes in cyber security frameworks. The cyber threat agents (CTAs) seem to be much ahead in terms of leveraging Big Data and blockchain techniques to penetrate into modern firewalls and virus detection software. That’s why we need to train more professionals in cyber security data management, and ensure adoption of blockchain modelling to improve rate of detection and prevention in these areas. Big Data security management focus on areas of open source software development, encryption, and IT monitoring and report generation tools for audit and identification of CTAs. There is a huge scope for Big Data analysts in the fields of financial services and banking where data theft incidents are at max.

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Sadly, the projects enrolled in Geospatial Big Data Management / BIG Geospatial Data Management leaves a lot of room for us to improve on. GIS based big data is mostly restricted to projects funded by Google, Uber or NASA. The convergence of Big Data with location data has opened up new opportunities in the fields of user behaviour management, mining, oceanography, space research, and drone technologies. Perhaps the biggest innovations in Big Data came from including GIS in modern day technology stacks, equipping sensors with the ability to capture data, train them on object recognition and integrate all these with a system of hardware, software and database. GIS projects not only drive modern military affairs but also help big brands to consolidate on their business intelligence.

Lastly, our focus should be on healthcare segment where big data can save millions of lives by technologically transforming the medical information systems and smart devices management during the COVID.