School Resumption in Ghana Post Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has proved itself to be a real threat to humanity. When the coronavirus was first reported out of China, most people didn’t take it seriously. But that all changed once the virus spread to other countries in the world.

March of 2020 was a month that changed everyone’s lives forever. Like the leaders of many nations, Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo gave the order to close all the schools in his country indefinitely. It was part of a lockdown measure to prevent children from contracting the coronavirus by avoiding close contact with each other. 

Businesses and schools were forced to shut down too. It left the poor people of Ghana to fend for themselves. Parents continued struggling to make a living, while children missed out on their education. Times were challenging in Ghana for nearly nine months. People turned to Ghana Talks Radio for the latest news about the coronavirus and any information about when schools would reopen. 

Unlike western children, most Ghanaian children don’t have the luxury of getting an online education rather than an in-class education. So, they remained out of options for their education until the lockdown got lifted. 

School Resumes in Ghana

On January 4th, 2021, Ghana News reported that President Akufo-Addo wanted Ghanaian students to return to school very soon. He ordered all primary schools, kindergartens, and junior high schools to reopen its doors to students on January 15th, 2021. Senior high school students were allowed back in school on January 18th, 2021. 

President Akufo-Addo made the announcement as he updated the Ghanaian people about the current state of COVID-19 in Ghana. Approximately 55,168 coronavirus cases have been recorded in Ghana so far. Out of those 55,168 cases, 335 people died from health complications related to the coronavirus. It might seem like many cases, but you have to remember that Ghana has 30.42 million people. The chances of someone contracting the coronavirus in Ghana are still quite low.  

For this reason, it was a wise decision for President Akufo-Addo to send Ghanaian children back to school. Since the coronavirus infection rates are minimal in Ghana, it would be more harmful to keep the children out of school longer. They need an excellent education to enhance their lives and pull themselves out of poverty. 

President Akufo-Addo stated that he’d make sure the schools are better equipped to manage the virus and keep students safe. He directed the Ministry of Education to fumigate every school before the students come back. Necessary safety measures, such as social distancing, will also be enforced in the schools. The president believes it is safe for students to return now. 

The New School Guidelines

President Akufo-Addo and the Ministry of Education have established specific guidelines that schools must follow to stay open. The guidelines are as follows:

  • Secondary high schools cannot have more than 25 students per class. 
  • Junior high schools cannot have more than 30 students per class.
  • School students, teachers and staff members must all wear face masks.
  • Schools must stay equipped with a vast supply of liquid soap, buckets, tissue paper rolls, 200ml sanitizer containers, and thermometer guns. 
  • Sporting events cannot take place on school grounds.
  • Junior high school students must be allowed one hot meal per day. 

The academic curriculum will remain the same. Students are disappointed about the restrictions on sporting events. It is incredibly frustrating that beaches, nightclubs and other relaxation centres are closed too. If anything, good comes from this, it will give students more time to devote to their academic studies. 

No COVID-19 Variant Reported

Western countries are developing vaccines to protect people from COVID-19 infections. The hope is that children can receive the vaccinations and go to school without any worries of getting infected. 

The problem is that the vaccines only work to prevent an infection of the current coronavirus strain. There are now coronavirus mutations in countries around the world. These strains have different proteins and antigens than the original coronavirus strain. As a result, a separate vaccine must get developed to control the spread of each new strain.  

According to Ghana Radio Stations, no COVID-19 variants have been reported in Ghana as of yet. However, many Ghanaians are still worried about COVID-19 variants because other African countries seem to have them now. Two of which include South Africa and Nigeria. 

If Ghana were ever to get a new coronavirus strain, it could cause another lockdown to occur. But for now, it seems like Ghana is taking the proper safety precautions to avoid more infections. Perhaps it will put Ghana ahead of other African countries dealing with a far worse outbreak of the coronavirus.

Experience Letter: Significance, Purpose, And More

Every individual wish for a change and better opportunity in his or her employment period. For this, one gives an interview and does everything to get selected. One of the major requirements to pursue a job is also presenting several documents to the company. One such document is an experience letter. Since it is a vital letter, every working individual should have a clear understanding of it. Be it employees or HR managers, having good knowledge about every business letter is acutely important.

In this blog, we will tell you everything about experience letters and give you some effective tips to write one. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in.


First things first, experience letters are given by employers to their employees. It states that a particular employee has been a part of a company. The whole purpose of an experience letter is to highlight the skills and experience an employee has gained during the employment period. You can think of a company experience letter as a shorter version of a recommendation letter.

If employees are considered, they use this letter as proof of their experience. Companies, on the other hand, consider an experience letter to make sure that an employee is experienced enough to be a part of their team.

Since an experience letter adds value to an employee’s work portfolio, it is the duty of employees to make sure that the letter includes all the relevant information that can help them along the way. That being said, it is equally crucial for HR professionals to know the following things before drafting an experience letter format for an employee:

  • The direct knowledge of an employee’s work experience as well as skills.
  • Know positive feedback from his or her manager that can be highlighted in the letter
  • You can describe specific examples of the employee’s work habits, skills, or experience.

An HR manager should never write an experience letter without knowing the aforementioned points.

To get answers, HR managers should closely coordinate with the employee and his/her supervisor. This way, HRs can acquire first-hand information that will make the letter more genuine and clear.

Writing An Experience Letter

Most often, people think that drafting an experience letter is difficult; however, it is not true. If one knows the right technique, it can be written easily.

Here are the top things to keep in mind while writing an experience letter format:

  1. Use company letterhead– As mentioned above, the experience letter is an official document. To make it authentic, HR managers should write it on the letterhead of the firm. In case there is no letterhead, one should make sure that the letter has the seal of the company, name, and signature of the employer.
  2. The date of issuance– The date on which the company has issued the letter to the employee should also be clearly written in the upper right corner of the letter.
  3. Add a salutation
  4. Write the full name of the employee
  5. Add the position of the employee- HR managers should also write the current role/position of the employee in the company. Furthermore, if he or she has acquired a promotion in the past, one should include that as well. Mention the employee’s prior designations along with a statement stating the reasons he or she got the promotion.
  6. Name of your organization- This is one of the most critical elements that should never be missed out.
  7. His or her total period of service with the organization
  8. Define the employee- Write a short paragraph explaining the good side of the employee. This will not just make the letter more professional but also help employees to set a good impression in front of other employers.
  9. Do not forget to add an emphatic sentence about the employee’s future before concluding the letter.
  10. End the letter with a signature line.

That’s it, we have come to the conclusion.

This is everything you should know about an experience letter. We hope this blog helped you to grasp more information about experience letters.

Last but not least, the format of the experience letter plays a vital role just like an offer letter and relieving letter format. So, make sure you use the most professional and presentable experience letter format.

Why Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend Matters

Valentine’s Day is a big deal. If you are married or in a relationship, you need to come up with some exclusive gifts that can surprise your dear one.  So, do you buy him candy, flowers, jewelry?  What can you get for him? Novelty boxer shorts, a tie with hearts (which he won’t ever wear) chocolates or what else? Finding the right valentine’s day gifts for boyfriend online can be a challenge. Novelty gifts like silly ties and boxers end up in a drawer and never see the light of day.  Those kitschy, chalky heart candies with the messages don’t ever get eaten. Does anybody really like them? They eventually get thrown away and nobody remembers them until the next Valentine’s Day rolls around.

The biggest problem with a Valentine’s gift is that it’s really day specific.  There are lot of gifts you could buy for a birthday, Christmas and even for anniversary but those just don’t work for Valentine’s Day.  No woman wants a sewing machine, a toaster or an iron for Valentine’s Day, even if she would be thrilled to get it for Christmas or her birthday.  Expensive cigars are a terrific gift for your man, but they don’t send the right message for Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is all about romance and the message. The gift you have chosen should be romantic and classic. You should find and order gifts for valentine’s day that truly explains your intrusive love and emotions. 

Any valentine’s day gifts for boyfriend online you chose has to express your love and be romantic.  Heart shaped pendants and lockets are pretty, but seldom get worn.  If you are searching for a gift for a man, it’s even harder.  Finding the right gift to express how much you love someone isn’t easy.  Going with a novelty or joke gift might hurt their feelings. There is a gift which will be memorable and can say the things you want to say to your beloved.  Modern technology makes it possible to imprint messages on flowers.  Instead of those chalky hearts, you can order a dozen beautiful roses imprinted with messages like Be Mine, I Love You and Be My Valentine.  This gift works for men really well. Best gift sites India will have all the featured options, whereby you can get customized gifts as well.  You can even have it delivered to your Valentine’s office so everyone knows that this person has a Valentine.  No one will forget an emotionally connected gift like this.

This is a whole new way to say it with cakes. You can order and avail same day cakes online delivery and send cakes online to your partner on Valentine’s Day. Send cakes with some special messages and make sure your message is clear and conveyable.  Now you don’t have to stand in line at the drug store to buy that schmaltzy card because the best gift sites India has everything you wish to gift for your valentine. Valentine’s Day is indeed special and of course the most memorable two that binds two hearts. Cherish your love and make him happy with something surprising and wonderful.

Ways to Improve Your Website SEO

We recently completed a course on SEO in Neology and compiled for ourselves a checklist of what must be done on the site “I love IP” for search engine optimization. But these tips are universal for any project. This article contains a list of practical recommendations from the entire course of 13 lectures from 8 different experts, as well as useful links and services to help you improve your site’s SEO.

Who is this article for?

  • for web designers and developers who want to build sites that are natively SEO-optimized,
  • For Internet resource owners who want to understand SEO on their own in order to increase search traffic.

Disclaimer: These tips are unlikely to help you reach the top for high-search queries, but you can fix all the technical and text errors on the site to improve your rankings.

SEO work mainly consists of 5 stages:

  1. Website technical audit.
  2. Commercial factors audit.
  3. Selection of the semantic core.
  4. Internal and external website optimization.
  5. Building up the link mass.

Website technical audit

1) Check if all pages of the site are in search:

  • by the number of search results (in Google – using site:, in Yandex – using host:,
  • In Yandex.Webmaster (Indexing → Pages in Search) or in Google Search Console (Google Index → ​​Indexing Status).

2) Check the website for duplicates. Duplicates are pages with the same content but different URLs. Duplicates can be complete (if the content matches 100%) or partial (with a high% match). Duplicate pages must be removed.

3) Check for blank pages (which contain no content). Blank pages can be:

  • delete,
  • close from indexing ( in the robots.txt file, see below ),
  • Fill with content.

4) Check for junk pages (which do not contain useful content). Trash pages can be:

  • close from indexing,
  • Make it useful.

5) Check for a robots.txt file. This is a text file in the root directory of the site that contains special instructions for search robots. See Yandex and Google help for details. The file size must not exceed 32KB.

6) In the robots.txt file, you can specify general rules for all search engines and separately for Yandex. The rules for Yandex must additionally contain the Host directive (the main mirror of your site with or without www) and the Sitemap directive with a link to your site map. You can check the robots.txt file in Yandex. Webmaster.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /contacts/

User-agent: Yandex
Disallow: /contacts/

Sample robots.txt file from our site

7) Check for sitemap.xml file. This is an analogue of a sitemap designed specifically for search robots. See Yandex and Google help for details. You can create a sitemap by following the link. You can check the sitemap.xml file in Yandex. Webmaster.

8) Check for “broken” links (links to non-existent or inaccessible pages). It is necessary to remove all broken links, both external and internal. You can check broken links in the Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool (downloaded to your computer, there is a free version) or online using the Technical Analysis tool from SeoWizard (paid service). You can also check broken links in Yandex. Webmaster: Indexing → Crawl statistics (see HTTP code 404).

9) Check for redirects on the site. Types of redirects:

  • 301 – the requested document is finally moved to the new URL,
  • 302 – The requested documents are temporarily available at a different URL.

It is better not to abuse redirects, since the presence on the site pages of links leading to pages with a redirect contributes to the “loss” of link weight.

You can check it in Yandex. Webmaster: Indexing → Crawl statistics (see page HTTP code).

10) Check the website loading speed (should be less than 3 seconds). This is one of the important factors that affects the ranking of a site by search engines. You can check it using Google Page Speed or in Google Search Console (Crawl → Crawl Statistics → Time taken to load a page).

11) Configure 404 error for deleted or non-existent pages. This can be done in the .hatches file. For details, see Yandex Help.

12) Check server responses and .hatches file. The most common mistakes that occur:

  • Both versions of the site are available with www and without (for example, and ). This has a bad effect on indexing, since the search engine tries to exclude duplicates and may choose not the page that you are promoting as the original.
  • There are no redirects for pages with “/” at the end and without it. If the pages of the site without a slash at the end and with a slash give a response from the server 200 (the page is available), then getting into the index of search engines they are full duplicates.

13) Check if the URL is correct. Non-leaf pages (sections, subsections) must contain “/” at the end of the URL, and end pages (product pages, articles) must not contain “/”. But it is recommended to apply this format only to new pages, since for old it will lead to the loss of the document’s age.

14) Try to use “Human-readable URLs” (abbreviated as “CNC”) or nice and friendly URLs. 

  • you can use foreign words (/ contacts /) or transliteration (/ kontakty /),
  • use the hyphen “-” as a separator between words,
  • there should be no more than 2-3 words between separators “/” in the URL,
  • URL length should not exceed the average of competitors.

15) Observe the folder hierarchy in the URL. For example:

This will help Yandex compose breadcrumbs and display them in your site snippet in search results. For details, see Yandex Help.

16) Check the display of the site on mobile devices. This can be done in Yandex. Webmaster (Tools → Check mobile pages) or in Google Search Console.

17) Specify the page encoding Meta charset = “utf-8” in the head.

18) Check the presence and uniqueness of the title, description and h1 tags on each page.

19) The title tag should be as close to the beginning of the head as possible.

20) Try to include all keywords in the title tag, with the most popular keyword close to the beginning of the tag.

21) The maximum length of the title tag is 150 characters, optimally 60 characters.

22) The title tag should not repeat the same words (maximum no more than 2 times), you can use synonyms, close words or other words from queries. For example: A bank loan secured by a room. Get a loan secured by a room in Moscow.

23) To separate different phrases in the title tag (for example, page and site names) use the “|” symbol.

24) The description tag does not directly affect the ranking of the site, but search engines can use its content to snippet the site when issuing.

25) The length of description can be from 100 to 250 characters, optimally 155 characters. These are usually one or two meaningful sentences to describe the page, including search terms.

26) Include Open Graph Protocol metadata in the head for proper presentation of the site on social networks.

27) Add the site favicon to the root directory of SEO Company.

28) Styles and scripts must be loaded in head as separate files.

29) There can be only one h1 heading per page.

30) The h1 heading should not copy the title.

31) The h1 heading can be from 1 to 7 words and must include an exact match of the main search query. For example: A loan secured by a room.

32) Try not to use nested tags in the h1 tag (e.g. span, em, a href, etc.).

33) Follow the sequence of h2-h6 headings and include other keywords in them. H2-h6 tags should only be used for markup SEO texts.

34) Use semantic layout (for paragraphs – p, not div), try to include keywords in lists, tables, pictures (tags alt, title), highlight (em, strong).

35) The alt and title attributes for images must be different. Alt is an alternative text for the image if it has not loaded. Title is the title of the picture, which pops up when you hover over the picture, and also appears in the search.

36) Add microdata to the site. The microdata validator in Yandex. Webmaster.

37) If you are planning to move your site to https.

Commercial factors audit

38) Commercial factors are important for commercial sites.

39) The site must contain contacts:

  • phones,
  • online consultant,
  • back call,
  • address, directions,
  • Schedule.

40) Submit legal information on the site:

  • contract-offer, terms of service,
  • Company details,
  • terms of exchange / return,
  • Delivery terms.

41) Place the assortment on the website:

  • price list,
  • the number of products in stock,
  • Discounts, promotions.

42) Add information that inspires confidence:

  • reviews,
  • portfolio (examples of work),
  • video,
  • Vacancies.

43) Place your email on your domain.

44) If news is published on the site, stay tuned for updates.

45) In copyright (c), indicate the current year.

46) Strive for a modern and mobile-friendly website design.

Selection of the semantic core

Semantic core selection is a big topic that deserves a separate article. Here we will focus on the basic principles.

47) Before proceeding to the selection of the semantic core, you need to understand what types of user requests are and for which requests you will promote the site:

  • Navigation (brand) queries – search for a specific site or place on the Internet. Usually, for such requests, sites are in the first place, and promotion is not needed.
  • Information requests – search for information, no matter on which site (for example, how to be treated for a cold).
  • Transactional requests – the user wants to perform some action (“download”, “buy”, etc.). Commercial requests are always transactional. However, not all transactional requests are commercial (eg “free download”).

Commercial pages (online stores, company websites) need to be promoted for commercial requests, informational (forums, blogs, articles) – for informational.

48) You can use search to determine whether a query is informational or transactional. Enter the phrase and look at the search results. If there are mainly informational articles, then the request is informational, if there are commercial pages, then the request is commercial.

49) Information and transactional queries should not be sent to the same page at the same time. If the request is informational, then we promote the article. If it is commercial, then we add commercial information (price, delivery terms, etc.).

50) One request should lead to one page. You can combine query groups into clusters. Clustering helps to combine queries by meaning and check the compatibility of promoted words (for example, car rental, car rental). Tools for automatic clustering of requests (services are paid, but there are free limits):

51) The structure of the site (menu, navigation) should be determined only on the basis of search demand.

52) To access any page from the main page, there should be no more than three clicks.

53) If you are using breadcrumbs, replace “Home” with your main keyword. For example, the name of an online store.

Internal and external website optimization

54) The text must be unique (not less than 70%, depending on the topic). You can check the uniqueness of the text by searching by quote (query in quotes) or using the services:

55) The length of the text, as well as the density of keywords, take from the TOP-10. You can check it using the Text Analysis tool from Be wizard or Just Magic.

56) Place the text with keywords closer to the beginning of the text.

57) Use additional terms and synonyms in the text. These can be highlighted words for a query in Yandex search results, “Queries similar to” from Yandex Word stat.

58) Write concisely, avoid stop words. You can check the text in the Glared service.

59) Write without mistakes and pay attention to the design of the text. You can check spelling errors using Yandex.Speller.

60) To increase the CTR of conversions to the site from the search, you need to improve its snippet in the search results. The snippet consists of:

  • title (title tag),
  • descriptions (in Google – the description tag, in Yandex – a part of the text with a keyword),
  • URL structures (breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs, and quick links).

61) To improve the snippet in Yandex, take the paragraph that Yandex shows by the keyword in the search results and change its text.


Re-indexing by Yandex occurs on average once every 2.14 months (more than 60 days). SEO is for a long time, you need to be able to wait. SEO results can usually be obtained in 1-6 months, depending on the age of the project.

You can speed up the site indexing process using:

  • external links,
  • links on social networks (especially on Twitter),
  • links from the main page,
  • Via Yandex.Webmaster (Indexing → Re-crawling pages).

The bot visit frequency depends on the site update frequency.

When promoting in Yandex, the query index matters – the more articles on a topic, the better.

It is very difficult to fit the entire course into one article. If the article turns out to be useful to you, next time we will write about the selection of a semantic core and link building.

If you want to understand SEO on your own, we recommend taking a course in Net ology. For Haber’s readers, they have a discount of 2500 rubles. Using the habr promo code for all online programs (valid until the end of 2017).

Tips for Do you Home Renovation and Home Improvement Project on Time

It is rare to satisfy someone who has done a home renovation who has not complained that it’s been an extended time coming. For homeowners performing on a variety of home renovation projects, whether or not they sleep in the house before the house building cost estimators services is sold or sleep in the house before, I even have noticed that some things accelerate the project. Helps to maneuver quickly and efficiently. Whenever I see projects dragging on for months, even years, it’s because one or more of those areas lack them.

 Granted, some things are beyond your control, but I can promise that you simply will significantly reduce your project timeline if you follow the ideas below.

Sensible Time-Frame.

The most important thing is that if you’ve got an idea. Sounds appropriate? I would like to revive my kitchen or bath. it is a start, but there’s more thereto than meets the attention. Consult your contractor about your project and find a sensible time-frame for starting and completing work. I suggest you get a calendar and use it as a project tracker.

Make A Plan.

 If this takes 6 weeks, for instance, mark the top date on the calendar. Next, reverse engineer or backtrack everything you would like to try to do and set a date for everything. for instance, demolition day, day 2 remove popcorn roof, day 3 electrocution, etc. it’ll also assist you to know what materials you would like and when. for instance, if you’re demolishing daycare, you’ll need a dumpster on site. 

Good to Ask

If you’re hiring a general contractor to figure on your project, they’re going to handle these details, but it’s good to ask what you would like to supply and what they’re going to provide. If you’re installing the cupboard for 30 days, and it’ll take 4 weeks to order the cupboard, this suggests that you simply got to prepare the ground plan immediately so that the order is often placed and delivered on time. 

Budge Planning

Realistic budget. How will you fund your project? Saving. Loan? credit card? Gut kitchen or bathroom renovation isn’t cheap. Be prepared to spend thousands of dollars downstairs. Make an inventory of everything you’ll need: cabinets, flooring, lighting, appliances, fixtures, sinks, disposal, toilets, tubs, knobs, and more. 

Realistic About Your Abilities

Also, who is functioning? is that this a DIY project or will you hire professionals? If you’re on a DIY path, be realistic about your abilities and the way much time you’ll need to spend on renovations considering your other responsibilities – full-time employment, family, etc.

You know what you would like. does one have a specific style that you simply like? How does one want to work? How does one imagine using space? Why does everyone get to slot in space? within the kitchen, store all utensils, utensils, bakeware, glassware, and kitchen bookstores. 

Individuals Using the Space

within the bathroom, consider the amount and sort of individuals using the space (adults, children, pets, guests), storage needs, privacy, etc. These important things should be considered so that you design such an are۔ It suits your lifestyle. Also, what quiet materials does one want for floors, countertops, cabinets, etc.? performing some research beforehand will assist you to make the proper option to suit your budget. If you actually haven’t any idea, I suggest trying to find commercial magazines and tearing up pictures of the rooms you ask. Collect an idea folder that will assist you and/or a designer create the space of your dreams.

Ask Friends and Family

Queue your vendors. Whether it is a DIY project or completely outsourced, you would like the proper people to assist you. ask friends and family who have had an honest experience. Use online referral resources. If there are red flags, listen and switch the opposite way. 

A Good Worse Experience

An honest friend of mine and her husband used a contractor to renovate their bathroom in their old house and he promised that he was forced to quit his job at that point. When he moved into a replacement home and was interviewing contractors, he reconsidered it, albeit his previous experience wasn’t good. does one think he had such an experience?

if less, a good worse experience when he hired her to rebuild the gut kitchen and eventually hire someone? I had to stay it. Prices for services should be considered, but never the deciding factor.

Fixing a Project Timeline

Select and buy all of your equipment. this is often important because the contractor cannot do without the fabric. The last item you would like maybe a contractor who is willing and ready to work on the worksite. By initially fixing a project timeline together with your contractor, you’ll know what the time-frame is for installing specific items. 

Keep you on Schedule

Confirm you create your purchase beforehand Additionally, you’ll end up, everyone performing on your project, including yourself, dalliance and getting frustrated. If you recognize you’re having difficulty making a choice or if you and your spouse are having difficulty agreeing there to, hire a design consultant to assist you. this may make everything much easier and keep you on schedule.

 Also, don’t overdo the research. Yes, study flooring, but ultimately, choose the simplest destination that matches your budget. an equivalent is true of appliances and everyone other materials.

Give your Opinion

I hope you discover the following pointers useful and, if you follow them, I promise you’ll shorten your project timeline. When it involves more involved upgrades, I highly recommend consulting knowledgeable. we all know what to seem for and tactics to assist ease the way and also construction takeoff plan. Enjoy your plans and good luck! Please give your opinion below.