Generic Sildenafil: The Best Option to Cure Erectile Dysfunction without any Harm


Sildenafil tablets are prescribed for males who suffer from erectile dysfunction. These tablets are approved by the FDA for treatment. The tablets come in various doses to help males deal with every degree of the erectile issue.

Sildenafil citrate is a chemical used in erectile dysfunction drugs. It is an active chemical ingredient in both branded and generic tablets for erectile dysfunction. Since generic medicines also contain the same chemical ingredient, they are considered as effective as branded ones. Both Sildenafil Citrate 100mg Tablets and sildenafil citrate have the same efficacy and effectiveness to deal with erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil tablets for erectile dysfunction

Any tablet for erectile dysfunction that is made with sildenafil is an effective and potent medicine. There are many companies which make the erectile dysfunction medicine use sildenafil. All these medicines which contain the same chemical are called generic medicines. The medicines which have sildenafil citrate are generic medicines of viagra. They are also known as Viagra generic.

There are two famous generic medicines for erectile dysfunction. One is  Vardenafil 60 mg online Levitra ; it is the same as Viagra, except in name. Use generic medicines in the same way, as you use viagra. All usage information is the same. The fildena comes with sildenafil as an active chemical. It is used at least one hour before the sex. It is an oral drug to boost the flow of blood towards the penis for an erection. The impact period of this generic version is up to 5 hours. During this period, you can get an erection whenever you want or need. But like viagra, this dose also needs sexual stimulation before getting an erection. You cannot get an erection without sexual stimulation.

Generic medicines are easily accessible

Generic medicines are locally made and available to common man easily. The whole idea of making generic medicine is to enable common man to use the medicine, which earlier was not available to them at the affordable cost. When a medicine becomes generic, its cost is low and it is available in every chemist or pharmacist in the neighborhood.

The availability of generic Viagra in the form of sildenafil tablets has made it easy for males to manage their erectile dysfunction. Now, males do not have to worry or search for treatments. They just have to buy the generic sildenafil tablets and use them for sex.

Like viagra, the consultation is required only for patients. The males who are on medication for any problem should also consult the doctor. It helps to understand which medicines react with the sildenafil. And what should be the ideal way of consuming the tablets.

Generic sildenafil tablets are safe

Sildenafil tablets also are used as Viagra, and the same chemical is put into generic tablets, the generic medicines as quality as that of a viagra dose. Both generic versions of Viagra, fildena and Cenforce 200 mg are approved by FDA for male erectile dysfunction treatment.

Get your right dose

To get the best from the tablets for erectile dysfunction, you need to make sure that you have the right dose. The right dose is the dose that is sufficient to overcome your erectile dysfunction degree. Lower dose will never be sufficient for your higher degree of erection problem. And a higher dose will never be the problem for your lower erection issue, as a higher dose here, will increase the impact of side -effects.

Use tablets after meals or with meals. But first timer users should avoid using Sildenafil citrate 200 mg Viagra medicine without meal, as it would increase the impact of the medicine. The impact period will cover the whole night.  You can get more than one erection. One erection will be sufficient to complete one sexual session. There will be no loss of erection, once you have an erection.

Never hesitate to use erectile dysfunction medicines to cure or overcome erectile dysfunction medicines. They stop the deterioration erection issue and let you enjoy it as never before.

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